Do Not Lose Your Sense of Humor!!!!

Not everyone is going to understand an invisible illness, especially chronic pain. People have judged me most of my life because of this invisible illness and it used to make me so depressed. I look fine, I’m in good shape, I have a college degree, and on the outside I appear to be the happiest person you will meet. Chronic pain sucks. There is no way to sugar coat it. But, do NOT allow anyone to make you feel less of a person because of your illness. Ignorance is everywhere. We cannot make people believe that we have chronic pain. So what? If someone doesn’t believe you then you are better off without them. I have lost a lot of friends due to chronic pain and maybe it is a sad thing but I am actually at peace with that now. I do not need anyone to believe me. I know who I am. I know how far I have come and I am damn proud of myself. And you should be too. If you have chronic pain or any invisible illness and you wake up every day and start over and keep going you are strong as hell. Screw anyone who does not believe you.

Humor is sometimes what you need to get through a difficult day. Be proud of yourself and if you need encouragement keep reading my blog. You are definitely not alone and everyone with any invisible illness who keeps going especially with people who do not believe them is a warrior in my book!


Do Not Lose Your Sense of Humor!!!!


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