You Are Strong

When affirmations were first introduced to me years ago I did the Joey from Friends nod and smile: meaning I have no clue what you are talking about and nor do I believe that will ever work. Well, years later I have proved myself wrong. Just reading this and saying it aloud helps me to feel stronger. One has to find affirmations that work for them. I have mentioned before how I have written on my inspiration wall that: “Something wonderful is going to happen.” I now say this every day.

There is no cure for my chronic pain. I am at total peace with that. It requires me to work much harder on myself and how I live my life. Are affirmations the one tool that has helped me cope with chronic pain. No, I utilize multiple things to manage my pain. However, my mind is now open enough to start using affirmations and even if I do not repeat them reading something like this each day helps.

Today I woke up tired, achy, and anxious. Kayci and I went for a jog, listened to music, came home and made some ginger/carrot/orange juice and pumped up music during my hot shower. I may not feel like a million bucks but I feel pretty damn good. I have to use my mind today as much as possible to overcome some of what I am feeling. If you have chronic pain or any invisible illness try some affirmations. I get the people who think it is a bunch of crap. I used to feel that way. But, its worth a shot. Use this post and just read it to yourself a couple times a day. Hey, ya got nothing to lose!


You Are Strong


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