Distractions Work!!!!

Sometimes you just need to say: “Screw this pain, emotional or physical and get up and dance!” I was having a good day yesterday until about two pm. I started to become more aware of my pain, my daughter had a fever, and I was going stir crazy: mentally and physically. My daughter kept crying and nothing would make her happy. We were a miserable mess and my negativity was only making her more upset. Then a teachable moment came for both of us. I turned on Ellen and Nelly was her guest DJ. “Its Getting Hot in Here” was playing and I stood up and just started dancing crazy and singing. Ten seconds later my one year old was up and dancing with me. We danced for a long time even after the song was over. She did not cry again after that and I felt pretty damn good. We were distracted and our mind had been shifted. It can be the littlest thing that will switch your mind to being positive and happy no matter how you are feeling. For us, yesterday it was music and dancing.

Sometimes (I know from way too much experience) we feel literally paralyzed by either pain, anxiety/depression or any other feeling that we literally feel as if we cannot move. I have been there and I am not naïve to believe I will not be there again. When this happens to you do anything that will get you out of your mind even if it is only for a few minutes. That Nelly song (as silly as it may sound) completely changed our day. Her fever was still there, my chronic pain obviously did not magically disappear but we were smiling and happy.


Distractions Work!!!!


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