Chronic Pain Awareness

The leading death of people with chronic pain is suicide. This is why I am writing this blog. If this does not get people’s attention on how important it is to raise awareness and knowledge about chronic pain and how it affects the lives of people I do not know what will. I had contemplated death before when I thought my life was going to be ruled by my invisible illness. I kept going and kept fighting even while I truly wanted to die.

I made it, anyone can! I have found a happy life while living with chronic pain and would never ever think of wanting to end my life again. There is happiness in the midst of chronic pain and I will continue to write this blog to not only raise awareness to people who do not understand chronic pain but to give people tools and more importantly hope. With hope, anything is possible. I have reached rock bottom with chronic pain and I am a happy 32 year old woman living a life with chronic pain. It never goes away and yet I am happy. I have good days and bad days but each day I smile and find gratitude for the life I have. You can be happy with chronic pain. You can achieve your dreams with chronic pain. Nobody should die due to chronic pain but I understand why this statistic is true. Breaks my heart that people have ended their lives because they did not have the knowledge that I was fortunate enough to learn. I am here to give you what I was fortunate enough to learn. There is a way out! I promise. This is coming from a girl who had brain surgery that almost ended her life and now lives with chronic pain. If I can do this, anyone can!


Chronic Pain Awareness


2 thoughts on “Chronic Pain Awareness

  1. Tamar says:

    It is fantastic that you are writing about this. Could you write a blog article (is that what you call it?) about how you’ve got to the point of accepting being in chronic pain, being happy even though you’re in chronic pain? I get that if I accept it, I will be happier, but I don’t know how to get to the point of accepting it. Thanks

    • Hey! Thank you so much for the feedback, helps me to help others. Yes I will write a few blog articles abt how I came to accept chronic pain and find happiness. I truly appreciate you reading my blog and I am hopeful I will be able to help people.

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