Try and Try Again

Anyone struggling with chronic pain I want you to know that I know each day can be a living hell or just difficult. Sometimes I do not know how I got this far and have done so well. Everyone that knows me well and has been with me throughout my battle with chronic pain says that I do not give myself enough credit, which I mostly agree with. I’m still working on being less hard on myself. I look back to some of the worst years of my battle and wonder how the hell did I keep waking up every day and doing it over and over again. Before I found the hope I found at the Mayo clinic and learned to manage my pain naturally I lived in a living hell 365 days a year for multiple years. I woke up and just kept going. I look back at this very moment and have no clue how I did it.

I cannot express my appreciation for everyone out there who is battling chronic pain and not doing well. I was there for so many years. I wish I could hug each and every one of you and tell you, it can be okay. It brings tears to my eyes to imagine anyone feeling the pain and fear I felt for so many years. You are all amazing, strong people to wake up every day and keep going and you owe yourself a soft pat on the back. I wish I could reach everyone and help every person out there who is struggling with this invisible illness. Just know that I say a silent prayer or meditation each day for every person in this world battling chronic pain who does not have their answers yet. You are not alone.


Try and Try Again


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