You Already Know....

How many times do we go back and forth with decisions ignoring what our true intuition wants. Ok take something silly. You are about to order a pizza and you love both mushrooms and sausage but never on the same slice so you decide to flip a coin to make that choice for you. For that brief second the coin is in the air most of us have a gut reaction like “plss be heads for mushrooms!” Then of course the coin lands on tails but the majority of us ignore te coin because now we really want those damn mushrooms.

I have flipped a coin so many times in my life to make a decision and allowed the coin to make the decision for me instead of listening to my inner wisdom. I literally flipped a coin when I decided to drop everything and move to Colorado. Heads New Jersey, Tails Colorado. Tails it was. I packed my bags and moved on out. Now, most would say: “What a horrible life choice!” I was going into my third year of college to be a teacher and everything I knew and had was in New Jersey; except happiness. Was it a decision done on impulse and to run away from my chronic pain and depression. Absolutely! Was is done in a responsible manner? Not in the least. I was 20 years old, had been fighting for my life for seven years and was so fed up with chronic pain, depression and couldn’t stand to wake up one more day in the living hell I was in. Of course my pain followed me to Colorado as my intuition and intelligence knew it would. However, had I not made that drastic move I honestly do not know how much longer I would have made it. It was a chain reaction, Colorado led me to finding the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota which led me to finding the Pain Rehab Center at the Mayo Clinic which completely changed my life around. And now I am 32 years old managing chronic pain naturally, happy, married with one daughter and planning to have more children. Not to mentioned graduated College from Denver, Colorado with a 4.0 to later become a social worker. When I flipped that coin to move to Colorado I would have left whether it was heads or tails.

We should not make big decisions on heads versus tails when flipping a coin but we should listen to our inner wisdom. I am totally for flipping a coin when stuck with a decision you are having a difficult time making. Not for which side it lands on but for that brief moment when your gut screams; plssss be heads! You already have the answer: listen to you inner wisdom.


You Already Know….


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