We truly do not realize how much our mind and body are connected. So many of the thoughts we think actually change how we physically feel. Negativity, depression, worrying, anger, and over thinking lowers our immune system. We live in a society where there is stress everywhere. Jobs, money, marriage, kids, health issues, health care (just to name a few.) We are constantly over-working, over-stressing, and sweating all the small stuff. How many times on your drive to work or even the grocery store today did you pound the steering wheel in frustration? At what time this morning did you start worrying about what you were going to make for dinner? How many times today did you get frustrated because your children just will not take a damn nap? How many times today did you have a negative thought? I will be honest I have had at least ten to fifteen before I decided enough is enough. I have been sick for three days: coincidence? Probably: I am surrounded by sick people. My husband is a teacher and I have a toddler who goes to multiple places a week filled with other snotty toddlers. I was due. However, I want to feel better and I know laying around thinking negatively will not help in any way, shape or form.

Our mind and body are connected in ways that we have not even begun to understand. Thoughts become things. What we are thinking right now determines the next hour of our day. What we are thinking an hour from now determines our night with our family and so on and so on. The mind/body connection is how I truly learned to live happily with chronic pain. As my readers know, my chronic pain has not gone away and most likely never will. I had to re-train my brain for years to stop thinking constantly about the pain. For a year straight on car rides I would read the entire time so that I would distract my brain from the pain (I was the passenger, I’m not that crazy haha.) I practice mediation and yoga because I strongly believe in the mind/body connection. The more we change our thoughts and how we react to situations, the healthier we will be. It sounds simple: obviously it is not. But is definitely something we should all be working on.




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