Worrying Will Never Change the Outcome

There are some things in this world that our out of our control, so why waste our energy worrying about these certain things. I have had the knowledge that worrying will never change the outcome for years and yet I still worry. I still dwell on the things that are out of my control. I have gotten better at this but it is something at times I truly have to work on. I am the type of person who needs to know what is going to happen. For example, having more children. Ok, just tell me that in December, 2013 I will be pregnant and we will be on our way to having a second child. While you are at it, let me know that money will be okay and I will be doing this or that in five years. Unfortunately, life does not work like that. There are some things I just have to say: You know what I am doing the best I can, and working towards things in my future but I need to let go. One of the quotes on my “Inspiration Station” board in my bedroom says: “Child, you worry too much. I got this. Remember? Love, God.”

We are such a unique species. We live so much of our life in fear. We are scared of dying. We are scared of the dark. We are scared sometimes to wake up because so much could go wrong. We are scared of weather changes. We are scared we will not be able to sleep. We are scared of growing older. How much time do we spend in fear instead of just enjoying what we have right now at this moment? I was driving home from the produce store my daughter and I visit a few times a week and my mind was filled with worries. A song came on and one of the first lines in the song is: “Stop thinking about what you don’t have and start being grateful for what you do have.”

My goal for this week is to let go and just go with the flow. You have no idea how difficult that is for me to do! I am going to breath and really try to just let go and enjoy each day. My daughter and I are still getting over being sick and I want her to have the best Halloween so I need to take care of myself. Worrying and overthinking everything is not going to help. If you are a worried about things you cannot control work with me this week and just let go. Something wonderful is going to happen. Believe it, move on, and let go.


Worrying Will Never Change the Outcome


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