We Must Stop Projecting!

How many times a day to you project how you will feel in the future. I know I do it! It is something I have to work hard not to do. For example, even after managing chronic pain for a long time I still project into the future on how I will feel on a certain day. It crossed my mind multiple times this week about Kayci’s first real Halloween. I kept thinking: I hope my pain level isn’t too high, I hope we have fun, I hope I do not have to fake being okay pain wise too much. Looking at this picture and looking back to yesterday I wasted all that time projecting and worrying about how I would feel. I had the best Halloween of my life. The difference between chronic pain and acute pain is that chronic pain does not go away, ever. So to say I was not in pain yesterday would be a complete lie. However, pain maybe crossed my mind three times. It was not the focus of yesterday by any means. Watching my daughter run from house to house so beyond confused as to what was going on but laughing and skipping anyways made my eyes fill with tears of happiness, not pain.

It is not only a reminder to people with our without chronic pain that there is truly no reason to project into the future but also a reminder of how well distractions work. I was having so much fun skipping and laughing with my daughter that I forgot I had chronic pain. Once again, what a waste of time and energy I used worrying and projecting into the future.

You do not have to have chronic pain to project into the future. Sadly, it seems most of us project in a negative way. For example, how many brides to be have you heard say: “I just hope it does not rain on my wedding day!” As if that can be avoided. Why spend time worrying about something that we have no control over. We do not have control over the weather or chronic pain we only have control over how we react to it. No wonder I hear and read so many times a day from yoga and meditation that we need to live in the moment. Projecting into the future ruins your present moment and in my opinion (proof is in this picture) our negative fears about the future rarely come true.


We Must Stop Projecting!


One thought on “We Must Stop Projecting!

  1. So true. This is something I’ve been trying to work on more lately and at the same time I’m having to help my hubby adjust his expectations. We had plans to attend a Halloween party on Saturday and he’d actually gone out and found / made a costume ahead of time for a change. Of course, the closer it got the more I was stressed over a variety of things and wondering if I’d even feel up to going. I didn’t want him to end up disappointed at the last minute so I let him know earlier in the week that I didn’t know if I’d be up to going at all. Then on Friday I was feeling good and some friends invited us out. He felt like if I had any desire to go on Saturday I should stay in on Friday and conserve my energy. I finally got him (and myself) to understand that if I felt like going out on Friday I couldn’t make a decision based on the worry of what might happen on Saturday. I had to just go and enjoy life and if Friday impacted Saturday, so be it. As it turned out, we went on Friday night, I rested on Saturday during the day and we went out on Saturday too.

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