Chronic Pain and Anxiety

Oh, the cycle of chronic pain!!!! Until we are able to manage our chronic pain in a healthy manner this is sadly the cycle we live in every second of every day. This was the way I lived and at times I still live in this cycle of hell. Once chronic pain begins and it does not matter what caused your chronic pain or why you have it or the name of your disease; chronic pain is chronic pain. I will use myself as an example as how this cycle has affected me in my past.

Following my bike accident and once my pain levels became out of my control, I spent my time either in school or with various doctors. It was not too awful in the beginning because I truly believed, as did many of my doctors that either with various procedures or medications my pain would be relieved. After about a year of this deception I grew extremely anxious and all I thought about was pain. As I have said before: “Sometimes the fear of pain is worse than the pain itself.” My chronic pain led to increased anxiety which led to zero to no sleep which led to more pain. I had no coping skills. I believed going to doctor appointments and trying every medication possible was coping. I believed every minor surgery and procedure I had throughout the years was coping. Turns out, all of that just made my pain worse. With each doctor and each procedure and medication my hopes sored high for about a day to hopelessness. I was doing the opposite of coping. Not only that, but as my hopes decreased, my pain and anxiety increased. As pain increased, anxiety increased. As anxiety increased, pain increased. Talk about a living hell.

I am here to help people learn the coping mechanisms I have learned that help me not have to live the cycle of chronic pain hell anymore. I have both chronic pain and anxiety. If I had to chose which is far more difficult to manage it would be chronic pain, hands down! No comparison. The body and mind are as correlated as chronic pain and anxiety. For example working on breathing exercises, meditation, and distractions help both my anxiety and my chronic pain. Helping chronic pain naturally, helps my anxiety and vice versa. It is so crucial to anyone living with chronic pain realize this correlation and try to utilize the mind body approach. I encourage any of my readers to ask me questions. I have been managing chronic pain naturally for a long time and it shocks me every day that I have come so far. I am not bragging in the least. I have so much to learn and my entire life will be a struggle with chronic pain but I feel as if I have made it. I always knew growing up that my purpose in life was to be a mother but I also now truly believe I was put on this earth to help others manage their pain naturally and give people hope.


Chronic Pain and Anxiety


8 thoughts on “Chronic Pain and Anxiety

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  3. Etrafon 2-10 worked like a charm for my agitated, anxious, monster emotional state. Prescribed by a Psychiatrist Chronic Pain Specialist; I went from being a monster to a kitten without ANY DOPY UNPLUGGED SIDE EFFECTS. For me, Etrafon 2-10 was/is a “MIRACLE DRUG”. Me and my Family Thank the Drug Company that makes it., and the Doctor that prescribed it.

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