No Other Option

Now that I have started this blog I get this question a lot! Most people in my life did not know about my chronic pain prior to coming out with this blog. Of course my family and friends from my past knew everything about my chronic pain. They were we me through ten years of hell with me searching for my non-existent cure for chronic pain. They watched me fall down more times than I can count because I was self medicating with either alcohol or anything I thought would take my pain away. They did not need to ask how I put up with being in pain all the time. They just wanted my pain to go away.

Now that I have found a way through the pain, not out of the pain this quote pretty much sums up my answer if anyone were to ask me how I deal with being in pain all the time. I do not have a choice. I have chronic pain and it will probably never go away. My only options are how I handle my pain and the choices I make to manage my pain. Sometimes we have to stop asking the why’s of the “bad” things that happen to us and just find our way to live and manage the “bad” things that happen to us. The fact is we will never have the answers as to why bad things happen to us. Why did I fall off my bike into a stone wall and have brain surgery? Why did I have two miscarriages? Why did I get stuck with chronic pain? I will never know. I will not ask why. Will turn my why’s into what’s. What can I do to find strength? What can I do to manage pain naturally? What can I do to be grateful for all the great things in my life?

I do not have an option about living with chronic pain but I do have tons of options on how I handle and manage the pain. You do too!!


No Other Option


10 thoughts on “No Other Option

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  2. This was a great read today. I want to learn as much as I can from you! I have to ask, when you did start turning things around, how did you go about making yourself do it? I read your post’s and I think, “I want to do that. I need to do that!”………then the next morning comes and all I can do is get up and do what I have been doing for so long, sitting around waiting for tramadol to kick in to help with the pain. I will get up, take medicine if I have it, then sit for the next hour jor more, reading or blogging; procrastinating of course. I have such a problem with motivation. Once I do get up though and start going, I can’t stop usually because of my obsessive compulsive disorder. The days that I don’t have tramadol, those are the worst and I am sometimes bedridden almost. I know that I need to start implementing things but I’m having the worst time doing so! Anyways, adore you and aspire to be you someday! Hope this comment finds you and your family happy, well, and enjoying your weekend! xo

    • You, my love give me way too much credit. I am about to post something but I want to tell you how I started to turn everything around. I had to totally give up my pain medicine though which I never believed I could do and yet here I am no pain meds. I will write you privately k?

    • I hope you are doing okay today! I am writing a post today to answer that very question: when did I start turning things around , how did I go about making myself do it. I had to hit rock bottom literally but once I get a chance today (as I’m watching my dtr play with a golf club in the house) I will write a post. Here if you need anything
      Love Jessica

  3. Reblogged this on my chronic life journey and commented:
    This is exactly how I feel about my situation. I have a choice how I deal with my pain and fatigue, even though I don’t have a choice about having it.
    I make the choice to be positive and grateful and to choose to manage my pain and fatigue in a healthy wway
    I have not given up on medication yet, but I do hate taking any pills I don’t have to take. Over time I hope to find non medical methods to manage my pain and fatigue and live with it.

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