Crazy People

As I sit here watching the snow fall outside my window, I am pondering how I can truly help people suffering with chronic pain. Was my bike accident truly an accident? Does everything really happen for a reason? Was I given a gift by being diagnosed with chronic pain for the remainder of my life? Oddly, part of does not believe that bike accident was an accident. Who would I have been had I not fallen off that bike that warm summer day? I know for a fact I would not have the love and appreciation I have for the little things in life that I do today. I became a social worker to help other people suffering and to help try and be there for people as social workers and nurses were there for me during my time at the Mayo Clinic. For my first few years as a medical social worker I touched many lives and truly knew I was making a difference. As years went by and I changed jobs and climbed up the social work ladder it became more about making medical companies money than it was about truly helping patients. I was more of a saleswoman than a social worker. I hated my job. My boss at the time disliked me immensely because I was a horrible saleswoman. I was there to help my patients not to try and get their census up. it was a nightmare. It was around this time that I became pregnant and laid off. I couldn’t be more happy that I was laid off from that job. It was killing me and I fell totally apart. I was smoking a lot, drinking after long hours at work and doing nothing right for my management of chronic pain. My boss had no idea what a gift he had given me!

So, here I am a stay at home mother of one child so far with all this compassion and knowledge of how to help people manage chronic pain naturally. I do not think that I can change the world (it needs a lot of help) but I am crazy enough to believe I can help thousands of people, if not more manage chronic pain and know that they can live a happy life despite living in constant pain. I am not going to let that bike accident and years of suffering with chronic pain be for no reason. I want to turn it around and make a difference for those who are in pain and suffering. I still have constant pain but my suffering is down a great deal.

Help me spread the word for chronic pain awareness and let people know that there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel of chronic pain. I am living, breathing, functioning proof that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.


Crazy People


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