Will This Matter a Year From Now?

I believe people with or without chronic pain can benefit from this blog because chronic pain relates and correlates to so many other feelings and thoughts we have. I am not proud to admit that I could be one of the biggest worriers I have ever met. Yes, I suffer from anxiety but there are things in my control that I know I do not need to spend time thinking about. I honestly cannot think of one negative thing that has happened in the last few months that I will remember a year from now, much less have it matter a year from now. We are all faced with frustrations every day. My best friend had two tires flattened today while thirty minutes from home. I have been there. I know she is probably stressed, annoyed, tearful, and cursing herself for making a silly mistake we have all made. On the grand scheme of things is it a big deal: No, but it truly sucks in the moment. And of course logically we know we are lucky to have cars and AAA (a service that I do not know how people live without.) But, it has caused her to have a very crappy day. Will it matter a year from now? Nope. And if I know my best friend I know in just a few days she will be laughing about it because she is a lot like me in many ways.

I see myself and the people I love sweat the small stuff on a daily basis and I am honestly working very hard to not get upset over the little things. Today, I was unable to find my glasses so I could write and I took a deep breath and did not freak out as I usually would. My daughter has not napped today so she is already in a crabby mood. I turned it into a game with her and we searched for my glasses. She had no clue that we were looking for glasses but had a blast crawling around the floor with me listening to me sing my frustrations. And of course, over an hour later we found them. Let’s pretend I did not find them. My fear was my daughter and her best friend, both toddlers may have thrown them somewhere like the trashcan. Money is tight right now and it would have been a bad time to have to go to the eye doctor and then pay for new glasses but would it have mattered a year from now, no.

So many minor and even major things happen to each and every one of us on a daily basis that throws us off kilter. Shit happens, right? I know I overreact to little things and when I see my loved ones overreact and get riled up I want to do anything to calm them down and scream: “This is sooo not a big deal!!!” But I honestly have to practice what I preach so I cannot preach this…yet. I’ll get there. Stressing and getting angry over “little” things increases my pain level a lot as it does with most people with chronic pain. Next time you see yourself getting worked up about something (especially arguments with spouses or loved ones) ask yourself: Will this matter a year from now? Probably not.


Will This Matter a Year From Now?


5 thoughts on “Will This Matter a Year From Now?

  1. Bahahaha, thank you, this is so true!
    The massive life upsets I usually stew on quietly for a few days and then react to in a measured way. The small stuff?? Ranting, raving, cursing! Angry and reactionary…. This is a lesson I need!

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