Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

It is that time of year where many of us begin stressing about the holidays and worrying about money, lack there of, traveling, presents etc. I read a funny quote recently that said: “Only in America do we spend the day after Thanksgiving (a holiday to spend time being grateful for what we have) knocking people down in every store possible trying to get the best deals on gifts…Black Friday.” Every other commercial I see is a different store announcing they will be open on Thanksgiving trying to lure people in as fast as possible to buy things fast. I imagine much of our country will speed through Thanksgiving as fast as possible in order to get to Walmart and Kids R Us. Is this a lesson I want to teach my daughter and future children? No. We as human beings truly need a day to breathe, relax, and count our many blessings. I wish we as a nation could do this every day but if all I can get is one day out of three hundred and sixty-five, I’ll take it.

A lot has happened this week: some moments great, some difficult, some just blah. People with chronic pain live on a roller coaster sometimes. Oh the ups and downs of chronic pain. What will I remember from this week? I will not remember laying in bed last night trying to focus on my book as my pain kept screaming at me to pay attention to it. I will not remember my daughter throwing a tantrum at the supermarket. I will not remember some of the loneliness I felt throughout this week. I will remember playing in the leaves with my daughter. My one year old likes to be clean and can be mildly obsessive compulsive when it comes dirt on her fingers or leaves in her hair. However, once she saw her mother jump head first into a huge pile of leaves at the playground her toddler OCD went out the window. We rolled around and threw leaves and got dirty for at least thirty minutes. That is what I will remember from this week, maybe even this month. It truly is the little things in life that mean the most. Before I started managing my chronic pain well every memory I had revolved around pain and I sure as hell would not have been playing in leaves.

I do not care whether you have chronic pain or not, we really need to simplify things in our lives and focus on the little moments. Those little, however amazing moments are what we will remember. Money problems will be here, health issues will come and go, life with or without chronic pain will be a roller coaster at times. So try and be grateful for those little things. My daughter will never remember the presents she receives this coming Christmas but hopefully she will see this picture of her and myself one day and realize the lessons I want to instill in her.


Simplify, Simplify, Simplify


13 thoughts on “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

      • Can you do me a huge favor? A fellow blogger named Michael aka Migraine Discussions is his blog……He is being sent to the Mayo Clinic and needs some support. I know you stayed there so could you reach out and talk to him about your stay? Please with sugar on top! He is lovely and you will like him! He needs our support! You are the best I know to give him advice in regards to being there, etc.

      • That’s not a huge favor….that’s why I’m here doing this. Of course! Give him my email address

        Or give me his either way Ill def talk to him today. I can even talk to my friend who is a nurse in the program for him. The Mayo clinic changed my life.

        You are a good person. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network


      • I just sent him a message and gave your name and email. He just sorta was sprung with this “you need to go to the Mayo Clinic now news” and doesn’t like hospitals, who does, but is curious about where he will be, etc. I think he will feel better talking to you about it!

      • I’m much better after taking some tramadol and getting prettied up. It’s true, when you look good, you feel good! And how about you, how is your world today? Thanks for being so prompt emailing him! He’s so nice and you are just what he needs right now! Love you, kitten!!!

  1. You are SO RIGHT. Struggling to keep a constant reminder of being grateful for what we have, my surro son gets it but needs reminding constantly. I want him to appreciate what he has and realize what other kids his age face.

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