Discipline and Chronic Pain

“Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most!” This quote spoke to me on so many levels regarding chronic pain. It reminded me of the reason I completely stopped taking any pain medication: A year from now, you will wish you started today.
I have almost weekly nightmares where I am back in a doctors office either talking about pain or having a test done or the worst allowing the doctor to write me a prescription for pain medication. I wake up each time from these dreams almost shaking until I realize where I am and that I am no longer going to doctors for any help with pain management and not awaiting a doctor to write me a prescription. I also have nightmares of the times my pain medications were about to run out and how scared I was. Doctors always refilled my pain medication but they have really cracked down on how much and how regular they will prescribe pain medication. I never thought I would say this, but I am happy they are doing so. I wake up from those dreams praying I have enough pain medication to get me through the week until I realize it was just a dream and I am free of pain meds. A wave of peace washes over me when I realize I never have to go back to pain medication again.

Yes, for a long time I was not practicing discipline when it came to my chronic pain. And I am very understanding and empathetic to those people who do take medications for pain. I get it. I used to wake up in the morning and all I could think about was how much pain I was in and take a pain pill to just get through the next few hours. It was what I wanted that moment not what I wanted the most. What I wanted the most was to be able to live with chronic pain naturally. Logically, I knew I could do it because I had done it before but I was not ready to practice the discipline needed to manage my pain naturally.

This quote can relate to anyone, whether you are struggling with weight issues, relationship issues, money problems. Discipline is needed to go after what you want the most. What in your life do you want more than anything but are too timid to take the first step because of the work it will take? I am managing chronic pain naturally but there are a lot of things I know I still need to work on to fulfill my goals and dreams.

I will repeat this as it resonated with me so much that it actually was the driving force to get off my pain medication: A year from now, you will wish you started today.


Discipline and Chronic Pain


6 thoughts on “Discipline and Chronic Pain

  1. I’m on the med free path as well, but mostly due to the fact that my doctor is rather stubborn about it.
    The only thing is that she hasn’t helped to guide me to living pain free with fm without the meds.

    Do you have any guidance? Tips? Tricks?

    • Hi Celeste! I have tons of guidance, tips, tricks that’s why started this blog to help people
      A. Know they can live with chronic pain an be happy
      B. Give people hope that if I can I have brain surgery and live without medicine anyone can
      C. Give tips/tricks etc. I have written posts on various things I do but I think I need to start writing a post just about one thing that helps me and go into more detail. I will start doing this. I am a fountain of knowledge on this topic! I know it better than anything so I am here to help!
      I will start doing that so thank you for reaching out!

  2. Tamar says:

    It’s so hard to get to the point of acceptance. Perhaps I haven’t finished the circuit yet of- needing tests, diagnosis, options discussed, operations to be had… I don’t want to hear- there’s nothing else we can do- but when it’s said I will be more able to start the journey of acceptance. I might not have to accept some of the chronic pain. Some might be healed. Some I think I already accept, but some still might be healed. So hard. Your words are so helpful. Thanks

    • I totally totally understand!!!!! It took me so many years to finally come to acceptance. You need to do what is right for you. I think I had to go through allll the testing, operations, medications, and specialists in order to finally come to a point of acceptance. However, I give you major props because you see both sides and I did not. Keep reading and if you have any questions pls don’t hesitate to ask!!!

  3. Thank you! Discipline is a topic I’m thinking a lot about lately. I have CFS, and I’m getting frustrated (again). This is usually when I get the ‘stuff it’ mentality and push through – I spend a whole afternoon writing my blog, or don’t meditate, or organise two doctors appointments on the same day. But I need more discipline. I do. I know it’s the only thing holding me back from overdoing it and collapsing. I need to give up what I want now, for what I want most.
    Thank you for a timely reminder – your fortitude in the face of pain and discipline is inspirational!

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