Sometimes I Forget.....

You would think of all people, I would wake up this Thanksgiving morning and be filled with love and gratitude for everything I have. Unfortunately, I did not. I did not sleep well and my daughter woke me up be four am. I was beyond tired and just wanted her to go back to sleep. After about forty minutes of laying with her and coaxing her back to sleep I gave up. I forgot it was Thanksgiving all together until I had gotten out of bed, brushed my teeth and changed her diaper. I decided to take her for a run, ignoring the fact that it was twenty nine degrees outside. I bundled her up like the boy in the Christmas Story and we were off. As much as I love running, it took everything in me to not give up. It was not only cold but windy. I focused so much on bundling my daughter up that I forgot to put gloves and a hat on myself. I was pretty miserable and thought my idea to run was terrible.

We reached our destination: Wa Wa. After every run we go to the same Wa Wa and I get a coffee and she gets copious amounts of attention from the people that work there. The one lady who is closer to us than anyone else there was not her cheery self this morning. She is one of the nicest women I have ever met. She always has a smile on her face, treats for Kayci, and is just filled with joy and love. Although I have seen her five days out of seven for about a year, I never knew much about her until today. We were talking about Thanksgiving and laughing about silly things Kayci was doing when her eyes filled up. After talking for fifteen minutes I learned that her fiancé had passed away last January. They had been together for fifteen years and he was diagnosed with cancer and six months following his diagnoses passed. This would be her first Thanksgiving without him. My jaw dropped. I always left there feeling happier because her positive energy and happiness radiates to everyone that goes into that store. Here I was bitching because I slept poorly, had an awful run, was freezing, and just annoyed in general and a person I have grown to care about was smiling as always bringing me joy as she was silently grieving the loss of her fiancé. How quickly we are to forget what we are to be grateful for.

My daughter and I walked home from Wa Wa and I was so tempted to go back to the store to just give her another hug. I could literally feel her pain and if she can find gratitude and happiness today, I can. It honestly just reinforces what I always say: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”


Sometimes I Forget…..


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