I Will!

Stop saying I wish and start saying I will. When I saw this quote I did not think that it really related to me with my struggle with chronic pain. My first thought was: I never say I wish I exercised, because I do. I never say I wish I practiced meditation, because I do. I never say I wish I ate healthier, because I eat very healthy. I never say I wish I stopped talking about pain because I no longer talk about pain even if it is fulfilling my mind.

However, there are things I wish I practiced more. I wish I was less of a control freak and let the little things go. I wish I worked harder on enjoying the day and not thinking about the future. I wish I was nicer to people even if they are not nice to me. I wish I listened more without thinking about what I was going to say as the person is in mid sentence. I wish I did not get so upset so easily. I wish I was not so hard on myself. There are many things I wish that I need to stop wishing and start doing. All of the things I just listed add to my management of chronic pain. Stressing the way I do, getting upset easily, and being a control freak all add to anxiety and therefor worsen my chronic pain.

I will take one thing at a time. I had a plan for today and my husband had a different plan in mind. Usually I would have fought him tooth and nail because I think I know best but I let it go and we are going with his plan. I am working today on chilling out. Not every problem can be solved in one day, one week or one year. Today, I will not wish. I will go with the flow and enjoy this day no matter which way it goes.


I Will!


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