It does not matter how many times you fall down in life as long as you keep getting up and keep trying. Strength is not defined by how powerful you are but how persistent you are. I find myself in yoga classes and the same men who can bench press more than I weigh are unable to hold a plank position longer than five seconds. This does not mean they are not strong it just means they measure strength in a different way than I and many people do. The same goes with any obstacle in life you are facing. For many of my readers that obstacle is chronic pain. I do not manage chronic pain naturally because of any magic power I have. I manage chronic pain naturally because of how persistent I have been in my journey with chronic pain. It did not happen over night, over weeks, or even over months. I have to be persistent with managing pain naturally on a daily basis. I try as hard as I can to incorporate exercise, meditation, moderation, and distractions every day of my life. Some days I cannot fit exercise or meditation in and I can actually feel the difference. However, instead of dwelling on the pain I have to practice distraction and mindfulness even harder than on the days where I am able to incorporate all the tools I use to manage pain.

I consider myself a strong person because I have overcome so many obstacles in my life. I have fallen down multiple times especially when it has come to chronic pain. However, my record for getting back up is 100 percent. My strength does not come from any power but from constant persistence day in and day out. I could probably go to the gym and start bench pressing as much weight as possible and get to a high weight quickly. It has taken me many years to be able to hold plank for over five minutes. That is persistence. That is strength.




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