Stop Chasing Attention!!!

I need this quote probably more than anyone I know. I love affection, attention and love itself. I give more affection and love to people than your average person and therefor usually set myself up to be disappointed. All my friends know how much I love hugs and how freely I will give them out. When I see an elderly person in our local grocery store who looks lonely I have to literally stop myself from hugging them. Sometimes I do not stop myself and give a hug or at least strike up a conversation.

I have always chased love, affection, and attention from the people I love and a lot of times it is not reciprocated. Now, this does not mean the person does not love me people just have a different way of showing their love. When I think of love, I think of: cuddles, snuggling, hugs when a person is feeling down, holding my loved one when they are sick, and lots of affection and attention. Others show and expect love through monetary things such as gifts. There a many different ways people show and expect love and this is the root of so many problems in relationships. While one person expects their loved one to show love through cuddling and instead receives gifts he or she starts to believe the person they love does not love them. When in reality this is the way their loved one is showing their love. We all show our love differently and we need to remember that in all our relationships.

Many of us chase attention and affection too often from the people we love. If that is how you show and expect love then you are a lot like me. What we need to do is let the person come to us. If he or she does not than re-evaluate the situation. But sometimes we chase attention and affection from those we love so much that we not only feel hurt but end up damaging our relationships. Give people time. We all need to lower our expectations from the people we love, we really do. And we all have to remember that everyone has their own way of showing their love for us.


Stop Chasing Attention!!!


3 thoughts on “Stop Chasing Attention!!!

  1. We’re so much alike! Every post you do where you’re describing yourself I really feel like you’re describing me. This is definitely something I struggle with a lot. Luckily, since getting ill I don’t even have the energy to chase affection so that’s making me wait for people to come to me 🙂

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