Expect the Unexpected

As my readers know I am a creature of habit. The way I manage my pain is with a schedule throughout the day in which I am able to incorporate all the facets I use to manage my chronic pain without medicine. When my schedule gets off or I am thrown in a different direction I get a pit of anxiety in my stomach.

I had a plan this morning to run with my best friend at six fifteen and had a list of things to do one of which, as always was either meditation or yoga nidra (meditative heart of yoga.) I awoke to both my husband and my daughter. She woke up crying because of a wet diaper and my husband was wide awake (which is very unusual.) I am the morning person of the family. He could sleep till noon every day and feel great. However, because he fell asleep so early last night he awoke at two am and was unable to fall back asleep. Before my eyes were fully opened he was saying in a very bright voice: “Hey, how about you skip running this morning and the three of us go to the diner.” We rarely do things like that anymore and he seemed so excited I could not say no. I also knew my daughter would be thrilled as it was out of the ordinary. So we quickly got dressed and we were at the diner by six am. We ended up laughing our asses off at the randomness of the people in the restaurant. Laughing with my husband and daughter is probably my favorite thing in the world. Laughing in general is the greatest; one of the best distractions from chronic pain! We came back home and I did a yoga workout while my husband and daughter played. My husband then went back to sleep and my best friend ended up texting me asking me if I wanted to run four miles. I usually run at six am and it was already nine. I had done an hours worth of yoga but I took the Nike approach and just said yes! It ended up being one of the greatest runs I have had in a long time. I have never run with my friend before and it was awesome. The four miles was over in no time and we had great talks and laughs. Today has been the best day I have had in the past week. Sometimes it is okay to go out of my comfort zone. I was proud of myself because I went with the flow and still managed to incorporate my pain management tools throughout the day.

I am a true believer that if you are managing chronic pain naturally to keep to a schedule and do what is best for your body and mind. However, as a mother with chronic pain this is obviously not possible. I needed this today. I needed to get out of my comfort zone. Yes, it sounds ridiculous that going to a diner at six am and running at nine am totally changed my day and I realize that anyone without chronic pain would think nothing of it. But, life is different for people like me. People who manage chronic pain naturally find routine very comforting and helpful. Sometimes, ya just have to go with the flow and have enough faith in yourself that you will manage things just fine. I am very happy my husband was up so early and asked us to go to breakfast. We all needed this. I feel happy. My thoughts are not focused on pain, they are focused on all the silly memories this day has given me.


Expect the Unexpected


3 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected

  1. I agree, keeping a routine and planning ahead is key to managing and actually remaining functional. At the same time it is also good to deviate once in a while, it makes a big difference between living and just existing.

  2. Thank you for your amazing post!
    I luv using the “Plot Twist” narrative you blogged on!!!
    So when my amazing self-care exercise routine
    gets tossed a bit…. I think plot twist!
    While I may “over think” yada yada yada,
    I feel that the alignment I awoke desiring can be reworked into my day 😉
    I used to say Mind over Matter,
    but have now learned it is truly Breath over Matter,
    Much luv to you, your family & all your followers ^:*~

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