First Thoughts.....

I often read that the first things we think when we wake up may determine our day. If this is one hundred percent true then I have zero clue how I have any fun or happiness during the day. I do not like to admit this as I am a very positive person but I still struggle with thoughts of pain every day I wake up. I wonder how the day will be, how much pain I will feel, what distractions will work out and if my thoughts are not on pain they are on something I am worried about. People often ask me: “How do you work out so early in the morning?” I give quick responses because who the hell cares when I work out. The reason is, when you find something that works, ya keep doing it. I used to lay in bed and dwell on the negative fears I had for what felt like hours. Often times the fear of pain is worse than the pain itself. Not to mention 97 percent of what we worry about does not actually end up happening. I have come a long way but I will be honest, most mornings my first thoughts are not positive ones.
So, instead of laying there cuddling under the warm covers, I get up fast and get my exercise out of the way for the day. I then begin to practice focusing on all the good I have and most days end up like this one in this picture.

I love snow. I lived in Colorado for most of my college years but the weather does throw off my management of chronic pain. It is pretty difficult to take my little girl in the running stroller and go for a morning run when it is snowing like crazy. It is even harder to manage pain at times when you are pretty much stuck inside and are finding it hard to find distractions. That is what I thought anyways on the first day of snow this year. My first morning thoughts were wrong as they usually are. Playing in the snow with my daughter and seeing her eyes light up at the sight of her first snowfall was the best distraction I could have be given. I will never forget the first day Kayci saw snow and watching the joy spread across her face as she tested this crazy white stuff falling from the sky. My morning thoughts, although negative did not reflect the amazing day I had with family in the snow.

As I always say, I have a lot more to learn and do not always manage my pain well. My previous post regarding pain behaviors is just an example of how my brain does focus on the pain more than I would like it to. One day, I will wake up with more positive thoughts than fear based thoughts. I know I will get there. But for now, I am focusing on the quote: “At any given part of the day, your day can be completely turned around.”


First Thoughts…..


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