Tears Need to Fall

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard people tell me I cry too much. I know!!!! These comments have mostly come from men. I have grown to finally understand why men seem to despise crying so much, but that doesn’t take away the annoyance at having people get frustrated with me for crying. Nobody, unless you have chronic pain knows what it feels like to fake it until you make it. Some days I just cannot hold back my frustration of how my invisible illness affects my life. I usually put on a happy face when I am having a difficult day but sometimes something outside of chronic pain will trigger my built up exasperation with the physical pain I have been pushing through. I cry. I do not cry every day and have actually improved on the amount of times I do cry since I have gained my confidence and self-love back.

However, it is okay to let those tears fall. I have learned that sometimes I need to cry alone just to get it out. I do not want to be ashamed of crying and neither should you. You know what you are going through and I get how damn frustrating it is that no one else seems to get it but you will learn that you do not need those people to understand. They can’t. However, you may not need them too. People, like myself do get it. And millions of others do as well. Write me if you are having a tough time and need to vent or cry it out. Never be ashamed to shed those tears.


Tears Need to Fall


One thought on “Tears Need to Fall

  1. Yeah, “You cry too much” or “You’re too sensitive” or blah, blah, blah! Ha! It is interesting that when a woman cries it actually turns a man off. This has to do with the smell of the tears, if I am remembering the results of the study. My brain doesn’t always serve me well! I have many emotional responses to things especially when I’m feeling very poorly. There isn’t much else you can do but cry. So you go girl . . . you have lots of good company!

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