The Mind is Powerful!!!!

Throughout my journey with chronic pain and just my journey with life in general, my mind has caused me to believe so many things that were not even close to true. If everything my mind has told me was true I would have: skin cancer, been childless, been on every drug possible for pain management, been cheated on more than I have been, would be alone, and probably dead. Thank God my mind has been wrong on so many shitty things!

Here is where chronic pain comes in. People are often quite confused as to why I never talk about my pain. They are even more confused as to how I manage to deal with chronic pain every day of my life and not think about it (most of the time.) The mind is powerful!!!! I have literally trained my brain to not focus on the pain as much as possible. This did not happen overnight. I have put my mind through years and years of work. It takes so much more work to train my brain then to train my muscles. I have written about this before but I used to literally bring a book on every car ride I would go on, even if it was just to the grocery store. No, I was not driving. I did not allow myself a second to think about the pain I was feeling without medication. I spent at least a year living like this. Hence, why I had such a difficult time with meditation at first. I could not deal with silence because all I could think of was pain. Living with chronic pain naturally is a process!!! You do not become happy overnight. I am still fighting those chronic pain demons on a daily basis.

Our thoughts are just so much more powerful than we realize. If my mind had been right, I was pregnant last month. I wanted to be so much that I literally started believing I was. Turns out, I was just fighting the flu. Our minds can either destroy us or uplift us. My mind and I do not always get along. Sometimes at night when I am trying to read all I can think about is the pain I am in. I get so damn angry at my mind for not cooperating with me! I guess the lesson truly is to realize how powerful out minds are. Do not believe everything you think.


The Mind is Powerful!!!!


3 thoughts on “The Mind is Powerful!!!!

  1. Good post here! I’m in the beginning stages of trying to cope with chronic pain (has been getting worse over the last five years) and I’m nowhere near as successful at it as you sound. Like you say though, it doesn’t happen overnight. Thanks for posting this…it was inspiring and gives me some new hope for the future.

  2. I wrote about this same concept a few months ago. I too use distraction as a method of pain management too. It sure isn’t easy, but it’s the one thing we can do ourselves to minimize our pain. There is no one pain management strategy that works by itself, but with multiple strategies we can get through this thing called fibromyalgia. Great post and thanks for sharing your “espertise”!

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