Clear Your Mind of Can't

What would change in our lives if we stopped saying the sentence: “I can’t.” Some days I truly cannot believe that I, of all people am managing pain without doctors or any medication. It truly feels like a dream! I am not sure people truly believe me when I tell them that I had brain surgery because of a bike accident. For over ten plus years people told me to try managing pain naturally and I said without a doubt: “Hell no!” I totally understand people who are not even close to the point where I am now. I spent over ten years fighting and repeating the words: “I can’t!” It took me drowning myself in alcohol and ruining everything in my life to finally find the words: “Maybe.” That maybe changed my life and over the next following years with help I was able to learn how to manage my pain without treatment or medicine. I have fallen down many times but who hasn’t? The percentage of me getting back up is 100 percent and that is enough for me. As it should be for anyone reading this!! Falling down is a part of life, do not feel bad about it. Focus on how hard it was to get back up.

There are things in my life that I must say: “I can’t” to because of how I manage my pain. I have a schedule that some may find rigid but it is what works for my pain management regiment. If I do not want to go a party a friend is having, I have no guilt in saying no. I have finally reached a point that I have allowed to put myself and my health first without guilt. I am not speaking of these things when I say: “Clear your mind of can’t.”

Whether or not you have chronic pain or any invisible illness, try to replace the words: “I can’t” with “I’ll give it a shot.” If you are not doing something because of fear, I encourage you with every fiber of my being to do it! Fear can cause us to be prisoners in our own minds and bodies. The next time you are about to say: “I can’t” to something someone asks you to do or try out of fear, remember this post. Honestly, what is the worst that can happen?


Clear Your Mind of Can’t


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