Perceptions are Scewed

“We do not see things the way they are. We see things the way we are.” Today is January 15th and in the past week I have many different comments from various people regarding the weather. What I found most interesting yesterday while I was in our local Wa Wa was the difference in two person’s perceptions of the weather. One person said to me: “Can you believe it? Winter has just begun and it is only going to get worse.” Not even five minutes later a different person said to me: “Spring is right around the corner!!! Soon you will be able to take your daughter outside all the time.” Talk about the whole theory of the “glass empty/glass full” concept.

We are not always able to change the situations we are faced with. I cannot go back in time and put a helmet on my head that summer day I fell off my bike. If I had been wearing a bike helmet I most likely would not have had brain surgery and possibly may have avoided chronic pain for life. I cannot change that. I have to live with that every day of my life. I make the best of it! I have a choice to turn something terrible that happened in my life into something positive. Every day I receive more emails from people who are following my blog thanking me. I am not making a huge difference in the world as I wish I was but I am doing something positive with a deck of cards that could have easily left me in misery and self destruction for life.

I cannot wait to have another child. If I had one wish it would be to be pregnant. I have spent days and days re-living my miscarriages and stressing about why I am not pregnant. I know for a fact that I will have another child so why am I looking at this so negatively. What is that going to do? Since the new year I have been focusing on how lucky I am to have the greatest daughter in the world. A privilege that is denied to many. Sometimes we need to change the way we are looking at the situations in our life. This is not easy!!! I know that first hand. I am here as living proof that we can all take awful things that happen to us and find a way to turn into something positive. Spring is right around the corner, for now I am going to enjoy cuddling in bed under lots of covers with the people I love.


Perceptions are Scewed


4 thoughts on “Perceptions are Scewed

  1. Reblogged this on Life as a CRPS fighter and commented:
    I absolutely love this post.
    I have ALWAYS been the type of person to think about the positives in ALL aspects in life. Not just my life, but others too… If they are asking for my advice.
    Keep the negativity away,and the positive here to stay!
    Chronic pain will wear a person down to the ground. Its our job (the spoonies) to find that inspiration to keep us up, off the ground.

    Please check out this blog that I am reblogging from ❤
    Heather Lynn

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