The Truth of Motherhood and Chronic Pain

I have come a very long way in my journey with chronic pain and anxiety, however some days are just really hard. I am sure many of you have heard of the book: “Never Have a Bad Day.” I love this book, I love the theories behind it, and I truly wish I could say that I never have a bad day. However, I am a mother who is managing chronic pain naturally and the truth is, it is truly not always easy. Aside from chronic pain, I’m human. I have not reach a point of enlightenment in which I can be at peace twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

My almost two year old daughter was awake countless times last night. Who knows why? But, needless to say I lacked a lot of sleep and this picture can accurately define where we ended up in the middle of the night. I awoke to the fact that once again I am not pregnant and that affects me more than I let on. I had a crying fest for a while but it is very hard to have a pity party when you have a toddler to take care of. I had to snap myself out of it quickly in order to be present with her. Lets just say all the little things that could go wrong today have gone wrong. Anyone who has chronic pain knows how much stress, crying, and anger can add to someone’s pain level.

The good news! I know for a fact that tomorrow will be better because I have reached a point in my journey with chronic pain and life that I know how to turn things around quickly. Like I posted before: Shit could be worse. I am currently doing a little project on Instagram I made up called: 365 days of gratitude which I started January first. It holds me accountable each day to find something to be grateful for. Usually what I am grateful for is something very meaningful however today’s 365 days of gratitude was: Starbucks. Not only am I grateful because I do love their lattes but the gift card cheered me up as well.

Motherhood is hard. Relationships are hard. Disappointments are hard. And chronic pain is the hardest. Put all of them together I am just happy that at this moment even through my frustration, my daughter is making me smile.


The Truth of Motherhood and Chronic Pain


7 thoughts on “The Truth of Motherhood and Chronic Pain

  1. The Starbucks bit made me smile. Your so right about how stress, crying and anger can increase the pain. I literally feel it like a hot rod spreading up my back! Your Instagram sounds great would love to have a look, a fab idea. I miss those toddler years, the soft squidgy skin and baby smell one they should bottle the smell to make one smile when all else fails. Sending you hugs

  2. Love the idea of an instagram gratitude project – a great way to reflect! And I must look up that book – never have a bad day – I’m intrigued!
    Sending out good vibes for your bad days, we all get them but you seem to be dealing well with yours xx

  3. I had 2 kids under age 2 at one point. There were many mornings that I woke up using my nightstand as my pillow because the kiddos had take over during the night…and this was pre-Fibro! Stress really does aggravate the pain levels, good that you can find some comfort in the little things!

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