Points of View

Today started just as any regular Monday would. My daughter awoke me around five, we had a great run and then were running errands before eight am. Our first stop was Super Walmart. As we were walking around the store I stopped to the area of the store most women for some reason hate to be seen around: the pregnancy planning section. There was one woman standing there and I would usually give a person their privacy in this section but my daughter only lasts so long in stores at this point in her development. The woman looked quite distraught and asked me which pregnancy tests were the best. I was more than happy to help her and we began talking. Long story short, her and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for the past six months with no luck. We bonded over the fact that we were both equally discouraged at the whole “trying to get pregnant” thing and that we were both healthy and the same age. I helped her find a pregnancy test kit and she helped me with the ovulation kits. We parted ways and I felt comforted by the fact that I had met this woman who is going through something that I am going through as well.
Ten minutes later, I was searching for the correct peanut butter when the woman came running towards me with her pregnancy test in hand. She yelled across the aisle: “I am pregnant! I was just searching for you. Look! Two pink lines.” My first reaction was honestly happiness for her. I hugged this random thirty two year old woman who had just peed on a stick in Walmart and told her how happy I was for her. She left quickly with a walk of happiness I had when I found out I was pregnant with Kayci. I have to be one hundred percent honest: I was suddenly filled with sadness and grief from my miscarriages. Then guilt for not being happy for someone else. My eyes filled up and I left the store crying.

Next stop was our local produce store. I put a smile on and tried extremely hard to forget about the Walmart trip and all the feelings I had. Whether those feelings were rational or not doesn’t matter: they were real to me. I ordered our spinach, ginger, swiss chard, carrots, etc. and one of the men who works there helped carry the two boxes of produce to my car. I love juicing, helps with chronic pain! As we walked outside he pointed to two cars: a brand new Lexus and an older VW Jetta. He asked which car was mine and jokingly I said: “Um definitely not the Lexus! I was a social worker and now a stay at home mom, remember?” He laughed and then said: “Hey, at least you have a car. I have to take two different buses here at five in the morning every day. But, I thank the good Lord every day I wake up and am still breathing.” I responded: “Good for you, I really need to work on being more grateful for the things in my life.” And that I meant one hundred percent.

I honestly believe we never meet anyone by accident. Any of my close friends or family members know that anywhere I go they know me and almost everything about me. I talk to everyone because everyone has a story to tell and I love meeting people and getting to know their story. It was such an odd Monday morning because I talked to two different people with such different stories to tell. Each of their stories affected me immensely. What will stick with me is the man I see on a regular basis at my produce store. I wish we all (myself included) could be more grateful each day we wake up for just being given another day in this world.


Points of View


5 thoughts on “Points of View

  1. I really liked your story today. But I have to say .. stop taking pictures while driving!

    Also you will become pregnant when you are ready. Don’t stress so much! Your body was ready for Kayci when it was ready, and it knows when you will be ready for your next.

    Happy Monday!

  2. This is such a great post! I certainly could feel your pain when the other woman walked away from you.

    I could also feel the gratitude of having a car at your disposal.

    This was a roller coaster of emotions in one post, but it was a great ride.

    Thank you for posting.

  3. Some times it is like a cool air of reality drifts past you and wakes you up from whatever immense emotion one is going through and bang we are back here on earth. Not that those emotions aren’t real but they take us to a place sometimes it’s hard to snap out of, and it sounds like that man at the store was that breath of cool air. Hugs to you always and I started my independent blog on my journey all because of you so thank you 🙂

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