Do What Ya Gotta Do!

Once I reached rock bottom in my journey with chronic pain I thought I truly was at my ending point. I had dropped out of college because I could not manage the pain, the doctor’s appointments, and school at the same time. I was just a girl from in New Jersey suddenly in Boulder, Colorado. I surrounded myself around people who loved to party so I could literally numb my physical and emotional pain due to my accident. My dreams of being a teacher, a wife and mother were thrown out the window and there is only so long one can go living the way I was living until one is given two choices: death or change. I chose change. I was not happy about change but the thought of death was definitely worse. I ended up at the Mayo Clinic where I was forced to completely change everything about my life. It was a bumpy road for many years and now I have very bumpy days but I do just this: I get up, put one foot in front of the other, and I refuse to let it ruin my life anymore than it already has! I sometimes when working out or doing kickboxing pretend I am beating the living hell out of chronic pain and what it has done to my life.

I love this quote and I am sure Elizabeth Taylor was not speaking about chronic pain but pain is pain whether physical or emotional. And we all, together have to find our way to happiness despite chronic pain. I truly encourage people to write me with questions or anything. I am writing this blog to try and finally spread some awareness and hope regarding chronic pain. Nobody needs to suffer alone!


Do What Ya Gotta Do!


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