Expect Miracles

“You never know when today could be your breakthrough day and your life changes forever. Expect miracles!”
Every day I see on my “Inspiration Wall” (really just a piece of poster board where I took post its and wrote my favorite quotes) the quote: “Something wonderful is going to happen.” Of course I do not always think about the quote because I am usually running after my toddler who is seriously quick on her feet. However, when I do see the quote and say it aloud I truly notice that my day is somewhat brighter and something great happens. Now, something great is very relative to everyone’s life and situation. When you have chronic pain, sometimes just having a day that you do not think about your pain is the greatest day! In fact, a couple years ago I never thought I would go a minute not thinking about pain much less an entire day. But that quote is more than just about chronic pain. My expectations of life are not that high. That sentence is going to be taken the wrong way so let me explain. It does not take a lot to make me happy. In fact, it takes quite little. I have lived more of my life with chronic pain than without it. When one lives through brain surgery and chronic pain one appreciates the little things more. When my husband made me a homemade card for Christmas and wrote all the things he loved about me I cried. I will not remember the gift he got me but I will remember the card. When my brother in law gave my daughter and I two little stuffed pugs for Christmas I was overjoyed because they contained a lot of sentimental value. People who are healthy and haven’t experienced enormous grief in their life tend to take the little things for granted. I am not saying this in a negative way, it is just the way things are. Had I not lived with chronic pain most of my life I know I would not be the person I am today. Pain changes people: emotional or physical. How could it not?

Some days I take how well I am doing for granted and I never want to forget how awful my life was before I learned how to manage my pain naturally. It is not a miracle that I have come so far, it has taken every ounce of strength I have to do this but miracles do happen. The more we expect those miracles and appreciate the little things, the more we are given. What do any of us have to lose by waking up each day and mentally saying to ourselves: “Something wonderful is going to happen.” We cannot lose what we do not have. If we do not expect things to get better and wonderful things to happen we will be consistently stuck in the negative power our minds can have over us. Whenever you read this post, please just try saying the words: “Something wonderful is going to happen.” See how things start to change.


Expect Miracles


3 thoughts on “Expect Miracles

  1. valdagarner says:

    Great post! Good things come in small packages and delighting in the every day little joys are what leads to happiness. I always loved the quote that happiness is wanting what you get, not getting what you want. I’m not sure who said that, but it is so true. The birds are singing this morning — a sign of spring for our frozen part of the world, although my winter has been unseasonable warm. But that’s a delightful sound. The miracle we receive may not be related to pain relief, but just because we are in pain doesn’t mean that those aren’t miracles. Another quote that I really like is about getting what you expect. If we don’t have high goals in our life we will never achieve more. Don’t sell yourself too short. Some of my greatest achievements have happened since I got sick. You can still do great things — you have a whole life ahead of you. The funny part is that I only remember the good stuff and not my years of being ill. Take good care and blessings to you. Valda

    • AW thank you!!! yes, years ago I decided one day I would write a book entitled No One Gets Flowers For Chronic Pain so this is how I’m starting!!! Thanks for reading!!!!!

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