There are No Accidents

“We do not meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.”
Today has been a definite Manic Monday but a great one! My daughter awoke per usual before five am so we exercised together. Exercising for her is playing “The Fox Song” from You Tube over and over again for a full hour as she dances and I work out. Hey, it is a win win except I am very sick of the sounds of the fox. Exercising is one of the most important factors in my pain management routine so I make sure to get it in no matter what. I can deal with Kayci dancing to “The Fox Song” if it means I am allotted that time to work out. We were both pretty tired mid morning so when she napped I practiced yoga nidra and had an amazing meditation. We then went about our standard Monday errands: post office, grocery store, and of course our produce store. I was in more of a rush today than most days as I am starting to watch a five year old three days a week and pick her up from school before three.

People have always either made fun of me or been embarrassed by me because I will literally talk to anyone and my filter is just not that great. It is both a curse and a blessing but something I am pretty happy about today. While my daughter ran around the produce store with her banana singing, I was talking to the employees there as I always do. The young lady behind the counter said: “I am still praying for you to get pregnant! You are such a great mom, I cannot wait to see Kayci with a sibling.” The lady next to me in line said: “Are you trying to get pregnant?” I replied: “Is their sugar in syrup?” She actually got the joke and proceeded to talk to me. She started telling me that her and her husband have been trying for over three years to get pregnant. This conversation started with that and then she started telling me about her awful anxiety and that her doctor’s thought her anxiety had a lot to do with their problem getting pregnant or “knocked up” as she simply stated it. Her eyes began filling up so I looked at the time and realized I had a few minutes to spare and asked her if she wanted to sit down and talk for a few minutes. Her eyes lit up and fifteen minutes later she was hugging me and thanking me for giving her advice and encouragement. I told her all about my anxiety, my miscarriages, and how I totally understood how frustrating trying to get pregnant can be. She left with a smile on her face and I hope more hope in her heart. However, she helped me as well. People put things in perspective sometimes. As soon as Kayci and I were in my car I said a silent thank you to the Universe for giving the greatest daughter to me. I have only been trying to give Kayci a sibling for months and this woman has been trying for years.

I will probably never see this woman again in my life but I am so happy that I am such an open book without a filter or we would not have ended up meeting. I know my friends and family would say: “Only Jessica ends up sitting in Produce Junction hugging a random woman and helping her with her anxiety and fertility issues.” We have to open our hearts and minds up to letting our voice be heard and more importantly opening our ears to listen. Each person we meet truly does cross our path for a reason, sometimes we are in too much of a rush to realize it.


There are No Accidents


4 thoughts on “There are No Accidents

  1. What a great post!!Yes I believe we meet people for a reason and like you I am pretty open with new faces and due to that I have had some really great conversations with people I might only meet once in my lifetime. Just keep it up – you never know which difference you might make in somebody’s least for a day !!

  2. Oh how lovely it must be to live in your town! random coffee dates with you! I’m tempted to move!… haha no, sorry no I’m not I live in Vancouver it’s gorgeous here:)

    I just wanted to share that I am also one who’s family says “Only you would be able to find a stranger for chatting in ____?”

    I find that it is because strangers have no(I mean they do but not about me as a person specifically, they might have judgments or thoughts but no, “oh that’s chronic pain sally”) pre-conceived notions of what I am feeling/thinking. This means I can either choose to disclose personal info about me (and my pain) or not. You talk a lot in your blog about that you never utter the word “pain” outloud. I unfortunately have not mastered that yet, which means everyone I know, knows WAY too much about my health levels, so striking up conversations with strangers feels oddly relieving. As if I can be a pain free person for a moment. And usually those pain free moments end up helping someone with their pain (emotional, physical, or mental) because I am so used to dealing with pain I can spot it a mile away on someone else. And it feels nice to use your pain free time to maybe help someone else have a pain free moment.

    • Oh we would definitely get along!!! When I learned that I literally had to stop talking about my pain I had long talks and or emails as it is easier to write people sometimes then it is to talk. I didn’t want people to think that my pain had just gone away and I was fine even though no one gets flowers for chronic pain but still didn’t want people to suddenly think I was cured bc I no longer spoke of pain. So when things were hard I would say and still do to this day “I’m having a difficult day.” I will tell my dad or husband this and possibly my almost 2 yr old dtr but she doesn’t seem to care lol.
      Do you see the connection that when you talk to strangers you seem happier and less “sick.” It is truly bc you are in that moment not thinking about the pain. YOU honestly have the power and strength (and I do not tell everyone this) to train your mind to not think about the pain. I promise you. Things are looking amazing in your future girl!

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