Oh How Life Has Changed!

My daughter has officially turned two today! It is amazing how fast time goes once you have a child. I know everyone always says: “The days are long but the years are short” but my God this is ridiculous. We had an amazing birthday party for her yesterday as today is Super Bowl Sunday and apparently that trumps a little girl’s birthday. Her party was amazing. We had a pony, a clown, a piñata, and too many people to count. We had drinks for adults and kids including a keg, wine, juice boxes and soda. Everyone had a blast! I had an amazing time but it was quite overwhelming and a lot of work. At the end of the day I decided to have a couple of glasses of wine to relax and join in on the “fun.” Three glasses of wine years ago would have been nothing. It would have been an appetizer before the real games began. Now, three glasses of wine is a LOT! I was so mad that I felt too sick to read last night and even angrier when I woke up feeling like complete crap. Oddly, I was happy for this hangover that after a long meditation a nap and some exercise is gone. I am human! Yay!

I used to self medicate with alcohol all the time!!!! Even the nights in college I did not want to drink I drank just to get a hangover. I understand how crazy that sounds but I actually liked being hung over. It was easier to be sick and feel awful because of drinking than it was to deal with my chronic pain. I went through a period of time that I totally gave up on finding a cure and I definitely gave up on living. I was either drunk of hung over and life was awful.

Now, I do not enjoy drinking in the slightest. I am ecstatic that I felt like crap last night and this morning. I hate feeling like crap! I no longer have to live the way I lived for so many years. I almost gave myself a hard time today about having some wine but did not. Instead. once Kayci went down for a nap I did a meditation, fell asleep and when I awoke I worked out for an hour and got right back on my “managing chronic pain naturally” way of life. I am so excited to spend the rest of this beautiful day with my daughter who is two! Most people hate getting older but I love it. I feel like every year I am more intelligent about my choices and gain increased wisdom, and love life more than I ever have. Best part is I get to lay in bed and read tonight while everyone else will be drinking and enjoying the Super Bowl. I love my simple life. I am so happy it has changed.


Oh How Life Has Changed!


2 thoughts on “Oh How Life Has Changed!

  1. Great progress sister. I am so proud of you and the distance you have come. You make a great mom and an excellent inspiration to others. Keep up the great work. BTW it is a great pic of you and your daughter.

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