Mind and Body

“Keep your mind strong and your body will follow.”

This is the greatest quote I have seen to date that explains how I manage my chronic pain naturally. As my readers know I use the following tools to manage my pain: exercise, juicing, nutrition, meditation, yoga, yoga nidra, and distractions. I would not be managing my chronic pain so well if it were not for these tools. However, none of these tools would work if I did not work on my mind on a daily/hourly basis.

All the tools I use help my pain levels in ways that I can hardly believe much less express in writing. This does not mean that I do not feel pain. I had brain surgery and have lived with chronic pain since. I am not some mystical creature dressed up as a wife and mother who feels no pain. However, I try my hardest to ignore those pain signals the second they begin ringing. I have run half marathons: no problem. I gave birth to my baby girl: no issue. I have sung in front of thousands of people without a fear. I graduated college with a 4.0 in social work. I have done thousands upon thousands of things that were extremely difficult but nothing in my life has been as difficult as training my mind on a daily basis to not think about the pain radiating throughout my body. The less I give pain attention, the less it bothers me. Chronic pain is real for every person who has it. Anyone with chronic pain knows the expression: “Its all in your head!” How many times have you wanted to punch someone in the face for saying that? It is okay. I have too!! In my case the pain is, in reality in my head so the expression is actually true for me but not the way people say it.

I started practicing not thinking about my pain about ten years ago. It is an ongoing process and I honestly have had weeks and months that I rarely think about the pain, even though it is there. The mind is so powerful and we can not separate the mind from the body.


Mind and Body


4 thoughts on “Mind and Body

  1. I love your positive approach. I too suffer from chronic pain, and find that a positive approach can change how full a life you lead. I have days where I’d like to tear me hair out, don’t get me wrong, but I have many more days where I’m out living my life instead. It’s amazing to read your story and I admire your approach.

  2. My pain is also all in my head LOL literally. You have such an amazing strength to deal with all the pain in that way. I definitely agree that our mind has to be just as strong and even stronger than the body, i have experienced that firsthand. They are extremely intertwined when dealing with chronic pain. This is something I really have to work on since i analyze everything and literally pay attention to every pain signal I get and worry about if it will get worse or better etc. I always read your blogs and hopefully i can learn from you how to deal with the pain that way. Btw I love quotes and so I am loving your blogs since there is always a quote at the top! 🙂

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