The Law of Attraction

I discovered the practices of Abraham Hicks and The Law of Attraction about two years ago in a yoga class. I remember hearing about it and I went straight to Barnes and Noble to buy the book and CD. I listened to the CD more times than I can count because it made me feel so happy. It made perfect sense to me. I do not know how it took until this moment to realize this is how I have been managing my chronic pain all this time. I keep writing that I practice not thinking about the pain and will never utter the word pain because it brings more attention to my chronic pain: Law of Attraction! How did I not see this?? I realize (more than anyone) how freaking difficult it is to not think/talk about pain when you live in constant pain but it can be done. The more we focus on our pain, the more pain we will have. There is no other way it can be. Thoughts truly do become things.

I have not thought about The Law of Attraction for quite some time. Recently, I was on the phone with my mom and I was shedding some tears about how I am not yet pregnant and I kept saying: “It is just not going to happen. This is ridiculous. What is wrong with me??” My mom (whom I had no idea ever even heard of the law of attraction) started telling me about this philosophy. She explained that if I keep saying it will not happen and focus on the lack of not being pregnant than I probably will not get pregnant. She is absolutely correct.

It still did not occur to me until today that this has been what I have been practicing since the Mayo Clinic’s Pain Rehab Program. This is what I have been preaching regarding chronic pain all these days and yet here I am on a daily basis thinking of the lack in my life. I am not saying that the Law of Attraction is a cure to any illness especially chronic pain but there is much truth to what the law explains. How many times a day do you think about how much pain you are in? How many times a day are you thinking about what you do not have instead of what you do have? Whether or not you have chronic pain most of seem to focusing on what we do not have much more than being grateful for what we do have (myself included.) And we wonder why we are so unhappy. For one day, scratch that for one hour each time you begin to think about pain distract yourself. I do not care what you do to distract yourself just do it. For one day do not say the word pain, it is much harder than it seems but try it. I keep writing: train your brain to not think about pain and yet I have not put the my theory and the Law of Attraction together.


The Law of Attraction


One thought on “The Law of Attraction

  1. That really makes sense and your right it is really hard not to think about it when you are in pain, but I’ve been trying really hard to distract myself, really hard lol, but when it works is when I am not trying too hard you know when it just ‘happens’ naturally, I need more of that, ps have the CD in my possession need a quiet moment to listen to it though x

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