It Gets Easier

“I didn’t come here to tell you my sob story. I came here to tell you it gets easier.”

Many people (especially those with chronic pain) who come across my blog are often times surprised that I’m writing this in a positive, upbeat manner instead of writing about how difficult chronic pain is. If I had written this blog many years ago before I got a handle on my pain it would sound so much different. I probably would not have been able to get through a paragraph without crying. I had zero healthy tools in my past to manage my pain, in essence I was totally ignorant to anything other than finding a cure for chronic pain and partying to ease the physical pain. I have shared and will continue to share some of my hardest battles with chronic pain from my past but I cannot allow that to be my focus here are in my life. Pain is not allowed to be a focus in my every day life. I will not allow it to ever control me the way it did for a great deal of my life. it stole away my teen years, much of my twenties and even some of my thirties. I plan to live a lot longer and have a lot more to give to this world and if I spend my time focusing on chronic pain in a negative manner I will only lose more of my life.

Do you have chronic pain? If you answered yes, than you already know how awful and life changing it can be. You already know how it is/has ruined parts of your life. I could spend all my free time (which is not much) writing about how much I despise chronic pain and how it still affects my life as an individual, wife, mother, and friend but what good would that do for myself or anyone reading this? I have made a life changing choice to manage chronic pain naturally and not search for any other treatment because that is what works for me and my life. I have written it so many times and will probably write it again, I did not begin “living” until I stopped looking for a cure for my pain. The only thing that ever helped a little was pain medications but after a long time they slowly stopped working and I needed more and more of the same medication to get any result. Every time I reached for a pill, I was reminded that I had chronic pain. I do not want that reminder!

The purpose of this blog is to show people that a person who has had brain surgery and lived with chronic pain most of her life is happy and alive. I have obviously had a pulse for thirty two years but I truly do not feel that I was living for many of those years. I had no hope for so much of my life. There were two things I missed the most in my darkest hours of chronic pain: reading and the ocean. Those are the two things all I can remember avidly missing during those years that I was in total suffering mode. They are such simple things that I now take for granted. There is the saying: Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. I do not think whoever came up with that had chronic pain because chronic pain is so different from any other pain there is however, I do believe suffering is optional. I will continue to write and share my story: past and present. I want anyone with chronic pain to know that it can get easier. I am no doctor. I am just a thirty two year old mother who just happens to be an expert in chronic pain.


It Gets Easier


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