The Universe is on YOUR Side!

“Once you make a decision the universe conspires to make it happen.”

I definitely did grow up in a sheltered life by any means but I will be honest I never heard all the theories about the Universe and the Law of Attraction and what not until I was actively going to yoga on a daily basis. Once I was surrounded by that positive energy, I craved more. I began reading books like: “The Law of Attraction” and practicing meditations such as, yoga nidra. The more I learned about the Universe and it conspiring to help me the more I stayed in tune with my thoughts, energies, and choices. For instance, I swore I would not be able to take myself off all pain medicine, I just truly did not believe I had the strength or courage. The day I had my miscarriage I wrote down on post it notes all of my favorite quotes and the one that stuck with me was: “A year from now you will be happy you started today.” That was the moment I stopped taking my pain medicine and cancelled all my up-coming doctor appointments. I did it completely on my own with not much help from anyone because I found strength I did not know existed in me. Day by day things just got better. Instead of spending money on my co-pays at my numerous doctor appointments, I walked with Kayci to the health food store and purchased Kombucha (an amazing, detoxifying drink.) Once I made that very difficult decision, everything slowly began to fall into place.

The example I have seen in the past week has to do with my decision to make an appointment with a fertility doctor. For the past few months (prior to making this appointment) everyone I saw was either pregnant or with a toddler and a newborn. It had been driving me insane! I do not want to say I was jealous because that is putting myself down but it is the truth I have been jealous. Since making this appointment and being excited instead of anxious everyone I seem to encounter is telling me about their issues with infertility (without me bringing up my story.) This morning Kayci and I took a five mile run and as always ended up at Wa Wa. A man in his fifties who works there asked me the question I get oh so often: “So you guys ready for number two yet???” I did not go into details I just simply said; “We are getting there!” He then told me that he and his wife tried for a year to get pregnant with their first child and ended up calling a fertility clinic because they were frustrated. Before their appointment, his wife ended up pregnant. They now have four children. One was planned! His story inspired me and gave me hope.

It is a beautiful day here so I made sure to spend the entire outdoors with my daughter. While at the playground, I met a woman who had two daughters and just found out she was pregnant with her third. She said: “This was not planned! I am freaking out.” She then went into a story about how her first daughter was a surprise. After two years her and her husband were ready for their second child so they began trying and trying to get pregnant. After a year she was at her wits end and ended up calling a fertility doctor (the same one I am seeing in a little over a month) and was pregnant within two months. I almost hugged her (but honestly thought her and I could be friends and didn’t want to freak her out.) Just today I was told two inspiring stories which gave me total hope for the decision I have made.

If you really want something in life but fear is holding you back I do not know if the Universe will aid you in your desires. Of course, this is pure opinion. The Universe also waits until you are ready to make a change or make a difficult decision. Once you do, I truly do not believe you are alone. I do not know what I believe in. I have never been a religious person but I do believe in something and that something is big. Some people call their higher being God, I call my higher being the Universe. In the end it does not matter what you call your higher being just that you realize you do have something on your side when making a tough choice, you just have to be ready.


The Universe is on YOUR Side!


5 thoughts on “The Universe is on YOUR Side!

  1. I believe the same as you do. I know that when I stay positive and open, then good comes to me. Often beyond my wildest dreams. But I have learned to leave the outcome to what I call God.

  2. I hope it all goes well for you at the meeting Jess and that fate or the higher being or whatever one beloeves in and listens to your desires. But remember you have come a long way and achieved much already including your beautiful daughter xxx

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