HATE and Chronic Pain

“When you hate something, you chain yourself to it.”
Dr. Steve Maraboli

Hi everyone, I am huge fan of chronic pain, in fact I find myself loving it at times: said no one ever! I would be lying if I said I did not despise chronic pain and what it has done to my past and what I now see it doing to people I have grown to care about. I spent most of my life hating chronic pain with a passion only someone who has been in the throes of chronic pain can understand. Who the hell wants to be in pain NON STOP every day of their life with not many answers out there? I have yet to meet anyone who says they love chronic pain and I highly doubt I ever will.

However, there is some truth to this quote and how it connects to chronic pain. When you hate something (chronic pain), you chain yourself to it. Because of my hatred of chronic pain and my non stop thoughts regarding pain and finding a fix to the disease I was literally chained to my pain. It controlled everything in my life. It controlled every minute of every hour of every day for more years than I can even think about. It was not until I stopped allowing pain to control my life that I was no longer a prisoner to it. Chronic pain can literally be a prison. I was a prisoner in my own body and mind with absolutely no joy, happiness, purpose, or life. The only way I broke out of my prison was when I took control of the pain instead of it allowing it to control me. Yes, I had to come to acceptance (which did not happen overnight, or even over a year.) Acceptance is probably the first and yet hardest step to anything trying to overcome or live with. I did not overcome chronic pain, I just am no longer a prisoner to it.

Hate is such a strong word that is tossed around way too often. I totally understand people hating chronic pain. It can be a living hell and almost took my life. That is not the point of this post. I am not proposing to anyone with chronic pain to fall in love with it. I will never like chronic pain I just do not have the energy to hate it anymore. Once I came to acceptance and found ways to manage chronic pain without medications or doctors, I became free. You can come to a point where you are no longer chained to pain, I promise.


HATE and Chronic Pain


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