“Every time I say ‘I’m done’ I find myself trying again.”

If you are reading this no matter what your struggle is then you have done the same thing and yet here your are reading a blog on how to manage chronic pain naturally. None of us are done: some of us are just beginning, some of us have reached acceptance, some of us are still searching for a cure. It really does not matter where you are to me just as long as you are not giving up!

I woke up really anxious and frustrated with multiple things going on in my life. Have you ever had that feeling inside where you are just so frustrated you know you should be alone because something terrible is going to come out of your mouth that you will later regret. I came very close to locking myself in my bathroom and just having a cry fest until I was suddenly distracted by my daughter saying: “Mommy ook!” She was trying to feed me my cereal that I had left on the kitchen table. It distracted me from losing myself in a pile of tears but I still had that feeling that I just wanted to scream: “I’m done!”

I do not want people to think that I am just some miracle that came out of the sky that lives in this happy bubble where chronic pain and anxiety do not get to me. I would love that to be the case but this blog is about the truth. Yes I manage chronic pain naturally and yes I am very happy and thankful for the life I have. I am a proud mother, wife, and woman who is managing chronic pain in an amazing way and hopefully helping others. However, I do not want to bullshit my readers: it is not always easy. Nothing worth having is always easy though. Sometimes it just gets extremely overwhelming and the circumstances around me increase my anxiety and chronic pain. These are the days where I know I have to take time for myself and just for myself. I know I need pure silence whether that be through meditation or just lying quietly listening to the birds outside. Deep belly breaths as I wrote in my previous post. I drove to the store by myself and listened to music in my car and came home in a much better mood. I am glad I did not break down in tears not that I have anything against crying as I believe it is very healing. I already have a cold and really just do not want to deal with extra mucus: may sound odd but when I cry I cry hard.

Like I always say you do not have to wait for a new day to start over: at any given part of your day you have the power to change your day around. None of us are done: each day/hour is just a new beginning.


“I’m done!”


8 thoughts on ““I’m done!”

  1. I want to give you a hug, I feel maybe wrongly your having a few little struggles as of late by the tone of your posts, I know that feeling, most of us do who are in the same place or similar place as you ie chronic pain, your not a super hero but you are a super person, always remember that! big huggles xx

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Jess,
    I totally understand wanting to be alone b/c something terrible might come out of your mouth. In fact that sentence kind of made me chuckle but of course I don’t mean to make light of your anxiety or feelings. I do wish I could alleviate some of that for you in return for how many times your blog has given me some peace and hope with my own struggles. Your blog is so unique Jess, I’ve visited many & became a member of a few throughout the years but they are nothing like yours. The warmth, positivity, and personality of your posts really is a light in many of the darker days I have struggling w/ chronic pain. Thank you for all your help and for sharing your own story in such an honest & personal way. It is refreshing.

    • You are one of the greatest, most inspirational people I know. You encourage me to keep writing and make me see more and more that I am maybe making a difference.
      Thank you so much Sam I am so thrilled you found my blog. THANK YOU!

  3. I know you don’t always find it easy, but even when you’re having a tough day you help to remind me that there is always a will to carry on. I hope knowing how much you mean to your readers will help you to keep going too. I’m thinking of you especially today and hoping you’re okay xx

    • I started this blog to help others and in turn am not only helping others but seeing how much love and hope there is still out there! I wish I could reach every single person struggling with chronic pain.
      I’m doing well thank you! Having an annoying cold just drives me nuts!
      We all keep on keeping on!!

  4. Sam says:

    What a great and encouraging thing that is to hear. You made my day Jess & I’m so glad and proud to be an inspiration to you & your writing.

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