Yup....Chronic Pain

Most people with chronic pain or any invisible illness feel completely misunderstood. It is nearly impossible for people without chronic pain to grasp the concept of being in pain twenty four/seven. However, who in their right mind would actually pretend to be in pain all the time. The majority of humans want to be happy and feel well. I have yet to meet someone who has made up having an invisible illness. Of course I believe anyone who says they have chronic pain no matter how healthy they look. Look at me! No one would believe that I have chronic pain or have any clue that my entire life revolved around pain for more years than I can count. Aside from having gone through brain surgery and having MRI’s not turn out perfect I am pretty healthy. My blood work always comes back excellent, I am in shape, I eat healthy, and appear much younger than thirty two years old. Yes, I just complimented myself, I’m allowed: I have chronic pain. Try it sometime, you will eventually believe the good things about yourself.

For most of my journey with chronic pain I have faked feeling well even before I learned how to manage it without treatment or medicine. I never wanted pity, I wanted to fit in, and I really did not think anyone would believe that I had chronic pain. Aside from being at the doctor’s every week and going through multiple surgeries and trying every treatment known to man, no one had evidence that I was dealing with an invisible illness that was slowly killing me. People may have thought I had a drinking problem due to the amount I would drink when out with friends just so that I could numb my physical pain but I rarely talked about chronic pain. You know chronic pain is bad when you would rather people think you were an alcoholic than have to explain what was really wrong!!! Nobody fakes having chronic pain. If someone has the bravery to confide in you that he or she has an invisible illness believe them. It takes a ton of courage to admit to living with something no one can see on the outside. You may have no idea how to help someone with chronic pain but the best thing you can do is believe them and lend any support you can. There are so many things in our world that we cannot see but we still believe. We cannot see air and yet we breathe, we cannot see God or our higher being and yet we pray, nor can we see love yet we always know when we have it.


Yup….Chronic Pain


5 thoughts on “Yup….Chronic Pain

  1. chrissyfaery36 says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post, and for spreading some much-needed awareness on this! I suffer from chronic pain too, and you’ve summed up how I feel so perfectly! It’s amazing how a bit of make-up and a smile can hide so much – I really hope people can become more aware of this, and not be so quick to judge! Keep smiling, love Chrissy xx

    • thank you for reading!!!!! I am doing my best to get the word out there and am finally in a place to help others with chronic pain! Thank you sooooo much for your feedback 🙂

  2. Sam says:

    As usual great post Jess,
    I’m sure like a lot of ppl here with chronic pain i spend a lot of effort trying to wear the mask that doesn’t let others see the constant physical pain I live with (especially at social occasions). I try to hide it to fit in, to look like I’m enjoying myself, to not seem like I’m looking for pity, & at times to spare others from the inner turmoil & agony that chronic pain causes me. I assume just about everyone w/ cp has been there and has these and many other reasons they try to hide the physical & emotional pain caused by living each day w/ pain. I just want to again applaud Jess for starting these conversations and letting me & others know they are not alone in this struggle and thank her for always making herself available to help those of us that are still really fighting just to get through each day. I really get support from her blog & Jess & her story. The fact that she has learned to manage her pain naturally and maybe even more so the fact that she is living her life and not letting pain be the center of it gives me some assurance that I can do the same. I’m not there yet, I still take meds daily and struggle physically & emotionally everyday w/ my pain management but I have found some peace and hope in this blog and feel a debt of gratitude to Jess for her commitment to helping others in the monumental task of living w/ chronic pain.

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