Just Breathe

Some days we get so wrapped up in what is going on in our life, for most of my readers their days revolve around chronic pain but even if you do not have chronic pain in today’s society we spent a lot of our time worrying. Most of us are either rushing, worrying, overthinking, or planning. I am a culprit of all of these except focusing on my pain, that is one thing I am very proud to admit I have not let control my life (anymore that is!) I had a yoga instructor once say to me: “There is absolutely nothing wrong with you and nothing you need to worry about. The universe is taking care of everything. Just breathe.” This quote hit me hard. It is written in my daily “one sentence” journal which means it truly resonated with me. I never practiced yoga until I started managing my pain naturally. I truly thought it was all about flexibility and getting into poses that looked more bird like than human. However, I have learned more from my yoga instructors and classes than my high school teachers. Yes, it has helped me become more flexible with my body but more importantly it has helped me become more flexible with my mind. I do not think a day goes by that something from a yoga lesson does not cross my mind. Today this quote came into my mind: “Breathe. The Universe is taking control of everything else.” Let that sit with you for awhile. It truly does calm me down and slow down my mind (my mind runs faster than my legs.) I’m a runner so you know that’s an issue!

Today I woke up and knew I had an entire days worth of things to get done. Following our run this am I made a decision to do everything slowly. I cut my veggies and fruit slowly as I made our juices, I showered slower than usual, and enjoyed the process of grocery shopping with my toddler and made sure not to rush anything. Turns out the slower I did things, the faster they got done. I was able to visit my neighbor, start some spring cleaning, and pack a picnic for later today at the playground.

As Ferris Bueller states in the movie: “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”: Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t take a minute to look around you may miss it.”


Just Breathe


3 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. Wow you did fit a lot in. Pacing is so important. I wanted to ask if you k kW of another meditation CD as I bought the yoga nidra but would like a second one. I can’t sit and meditate so need the lie down ones and thought you might have another one to recommend? X

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