Finding peace in difficult situations whether as a person with chronic pain or not can be very difficult. Today I was faced with multiple challenges. My closest friend since I was about eleven and knows me in and out is going back to her home in California. My daughter had her two year doctor appointment which involves a lot of waiting and some shots (good times!) And I found out some upsetting news that has really affected me in ways I never knew possible. Through it all I was able to find a tremendous amount of peace. My weapon of choice today: laughter!! The five mile run prior to all these events definitely helped as well.

Prior to dropping off my friend pat the airport, she joined Kayci and I at the major two year old wellness appointment. Kayci was hilarious! Dressed only in her diaper she danced around the room and put a show on for everyone. We even pretended she was a stripper (I know mother of the year) and put fake money in her diaper. We had the doctors and nurses in fits of laughter. I came quite close to peeing my pants. I was such a proud mommy today because the doctor even said she is very advanced for the age of two and literally asked me: “What is your secret??” Maybe I am doing something right! In my previous post I wrote about self value and self worth and many women feel that being a stay at home is not real work. Well, I beg to differ. And it felt damn good to be given that positive reinforcement from my daughter’s doctor because as a mother with chronic pain, I work my ass off!

Peace is not silence and it is not always meditation or prayer. Sometimes peace truly is finding laughter in difficult situations and trying not to take life too seriously. Life is short, rocky, and does not go our way often times. However, finding a sense of peace when things feel crazy is success. If anyone saw my day so far the word peace would never cross their minds but peace just like success is relative. And we all know, laughter is the best medicine.




2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Great! When my daughter was a toddler my chronic pain was worse than it is now. I know what an achievement it is to find joy and fun despite it.

  2. What a great post and gosh I would have loved to have seen that that was a real camcorder moment you missed Lolol v funny I could imagine it. We find happiness and relief all over the place in life x

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