Pain and Suicide

“People who die by suicide don’t want to end their lives, they want to end their pain.”

The number one reason people with chronic pain die is due to suicide. Many people look at suicide as a terrible selfish act but those who feel that way may have never felt the kind of pain people who try to commit suicide have felt: physical or emotional. I am receiving many emails from some of my readers who are really having a difficult time managing their chronic pain. One of my avid, brilliant readers has been lying in bed for days not because he wants to but because his body is not allowing him to work in the way he wants it to. Nobody chooses chronic pain. Chronic pain leads to emotional pain: how could it not? I remember days just lying in bed paralyzed by pain and anxiety and just wanting to end my life. I hate admitting that but I have been there a few times in my past. The physical and emotional pain just took over me and I was truly paralyzed inside my own body.

One of my loved ones is going through a terrible time. She does not have chronic pain but the circumstances in her life are causing her to have anxiety which is leading to physical pain as well. Pain is pain. It sometimes demands to be felt and it is truly like living through hell. I used to have a magnet that said: “When you are going through hell, keep going.” When things are falling apart around you and you literally are paralyzed by pain, fear and anxiety you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep faith that things will get better, because they do. I still have some mornings where I feel paralyzed by anxiety and sometimes chronic pain. It takes every fiber of my being to get up and start my day. I get how my readers are feeling. I have been there so many times that my heart literally hurts for you all.
I need you all to try and remember that this too shall pass. I am speaking from horrible experience. I am a girl who had a near fatal bike accident that resulted in brain surgery and has lived a life with chronic pain and anxiety since. I have wanted to end my life and have gone years without smiling once. Now I am living a real life. Some days/hours are hard but I am living a happy life and that is proof that anyone can. We have to support one another. We have to be there for our loved ones. We need to spread awareness about invisible illness because no one ever makes up feeling this way. I want my readers to know that I think of you daily and I know you can and will be okay. You just have to start believing it yourselves.


Pain and Suicide


7 thoughts on “Pain and Suicide

  1. Myra Maines says:

    It is MEDICAL people, who make people feel this way!!

    People who NEED pain relievers are called “frequent flyers!!”

    I am ashamed of most of the medical community AND ALL levels of government in Canada, the US -heck ALL OVER THE WORLD – who are masochists and simply let their patients suffer!!

    I awoke on May 24, 2000 in agonizing pain with NO onset of ANYTHING. I believe the doctors who I saw immediately at the ER Neurosurgeons and neurologists) and did NOTHING CAUSED me to develop fibromyalgia, among other TERRIB;E pain and fatigue …

    Doctors (A LOT) are NOT in it for the love of medicine or to help – especially those in pain, They would rather walk away from their patients and leave them desperately searching for an answer!!

    Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRY UP AND PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My heart bleeds for all those in fire-myalgia ❤
    Truly understanding of those in the medical field as they are under-educated in the pain field. My compassion is for both sides as I was on a health care team prior to my trauma.
    I speak softly here but we need to educate our docs as many are clueless. I too feel that my docs are clueless but my true intention when I meet with them is m

  3. (Oopsies x two)
    I look great & feel great just with a fire-myalgia twist!
    (joking here ❤ )
    I realize now that every move I make literally & figuratively
    will determine my future.
    Keeping me on my GOAL
    of MOBILITY — is the fear factor of losing what I have.
    This neuromuscular pain #%#
    is hard to handle. Yet it is what I have been challenged with. Living with a central nervous system CNS disorder
    is all about a series of hurdles.
    Which brings me finally to the original thread of Keep Walking…..
    Much LUV to all and thank you ever so much Jesd for bringing our community together. It truly is a tool in my tool chest of pain management ❤

    • I too have been on both sides as a medical social worker and more so a patient with chronic pain. Chronic pain came first then I later became a medical social worker to help those with pain.
      I am happy to do so Lisa! I want to get as many people on board as possible!!!!

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