Journaling and Chronic Pain

I have always been a big believer in journaling as it has been a tool for me to use since I was a little girl. Even before my bike accident and chronic pain I loved writing in a journal. There was just something about writing down everything at the end of the day that gave me some peace and solace. As I got older it became more difficult to find time to write down a journal entry each night. I was also so focused on my struggle with chronic pain and finding a cure that I truly did not care about writing anything down. Once I came to acceptance of chronic pain and learned how to manage it naturally I found writing to be one of my greatest outlets and have kept a journal since.

After my first miscarriage (before my daughter was born a year later) I started what I call the “one liner journal.” Each day I write down about three sentences to sum up my day. No matter if the day is amazing or not, I make sure to write down a few words to explain the day. Here is an example of today for the past four years of the “one liner journal.”


2011: Dr. appointment (I cannot believe I am once again looking for a cure for my pain, I hate myself) watched movies, PJ’S happy hour (not fun) home, watched hockey

2012: HAPPY EASTER! Kayci’s first Easter. Amazing day, Kayci looked so cute. I wish I didn’t have so much wine. Makes me feel like crap anymore, getting old I guess. Definitely does not help chronic pain like it used to.

2013: Woke at six am with Kayci. Shop Rite , Starbucks, Met Lindsay at Cooper River and walked four miles with Kayci and the kids, Kayci napped outside and I read for an hour, played outside with Kayci and her best friend Jack.

2014: woke at six am, ran 4.5 miles with Kayci (beautiful outside!) Wa Wa for coffee and laughs, home/juice/shower, playground with Kayci, Jack and Jill, errands, mailed yoga nidra CD to Katrina finally (the UK has long addresses!)

So that is the one liner journal. It is amazing for me to look back and see how unhappy I used to be and how different my life is from year to year. Wherever you are in your journey (chronic pain or not) I suggest the one liner journal. Not only does it benefit myself but one day I get to show Kayci what her first two years of life and on were like. Hopefully next year on this day I will either be pregnant or have an infant!


Journaling and Chronic Pain


6 thoughts on “Journaling and Chronic Pain

  1. Such a fantastic idea and I’m so glad you can look back to see yourself getting happier and happier! Will definitely be starting this (and an excuse to be a pretty notebook!) Zoë x

    • YES! My dream is for this to turn into a book somehow, always has been! My first dream being motherhood second turning my journey with chronic pain into something like a book that can reach the millions that suffer with pain!
      My book title I always wanted was
      No One Gets Flowers For Chronic Pain
      My Road Trip facing Pain

  2. Myra Maines says:

    I did journalling after I had a car accident. lol My problem is I could never just write a few lines!!!!!!!!!

    So happy for you, you are able to deal and you have a lovely smile.

    I should have read this blog before the other one I commented on. It seems I am going backwards!

    Cheers 🙂

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