Keep Going!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretky

One of my earliest memories as a child was my first hockey game with my dad. I was scared at first because our seats were quite high but I quickly became addicted to the sport. One of my favorite things still is ice hockey. My whole life I was a Flyers fan, as I am from NJ but I always loved the AHL better than the NHL because there were more fights, less commercialized, and well cheaper so my dad and I could afford season tickets. Even during college I flew home from Colorado to see the Phantoms (Flyer’s former farm team) play and win the Calder Cup. Ok, you get the point. And I am sure many of my readers are falling asleep by now. However, there is a lot we can learn from sports. A lot of hockey players do not give up and that is what my main purpose of this blog is to show everyone that no matter what you have been dealt with in life, you do not need to give up. Most of my readers have chronic pain but a lot do not because many parts of this blog relate to every day issues and the struggles we all face in life.

I cannot even count the number of times I truly did give up on myself and my journey with chronic pain. But clearly in the end I just took a shot and it was the hardest, longest shot in my life but I am in a much better place managing pain naturally without doctors than I ever was in my past. Everyone who reads this blog clearly has not given up or you would not continue to read this. I wrote this recently, but I truly do applaud everyone who reads this especially those who are skeptical about my approach to my management with chronic pain. You are stronger than I was when I was in your place. I know that without even having met any of you. Keep going!


Keep Going!


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