You Are Powerful!

We are often so busy in our crazy worlds that we forget how simple it is to give our loved ones a hug, smile at a stranger, or give a genuine compliment. We forget how powerful all of these things can be to each and every person we see on a daily basis. Even through our own suffering we do have to power the help others and it does not take much.

Just the other day following my run with my daughter we went to Wa Wa for her “yummy” and my much needed and deserved coffee. I am usually up for talking to each employee, playing with Kayci, and getting filled in with whatever is going on in people’s lives. Seriously, my Wa Wa is like Cheers: everyone knows one another and I can get sucked in there for an hour if I allow myself to. I am known as the runner and Kayci is known as the Wa Wa baby. However, on this particular day I just did not feel like talking to anyone. I was struggling with many worries and even my run did minimal for my anxiety. An elderly lady that I see from time to time approached my daughter and I and began telling me about her extremely long dream she had the night before. I could have made up an excuse to get out of there but she seemed clearly upset as the dream was about her deceased brother and her living mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. Of course the manager of Wa Wa came over and quickly told the woman I was a medical social worker so following her re-telling me her dream she began telling me about her reality. After we talked I asked her if I could give her a hug. She seemed taken aback but was right there when I trapped her in for hug with an extra squeeze. The second I was out of Wa Wa I forgot all about what had just transpired because for me it was not a big deal and I truly could not get myself out of my own thoughts regarding my life. Even on the walk home my husband pulled up beside us on his way to work and could clearly see that I was having a hard time: I’m not a good liar and my face usually gives away how I am feeling emotionally. The following day, Kayci and I ended up at Wa Wa following our run and I was doing better and was in a much better mood to talk to people. The woman from the day before came up to me and looked at me with such compassion and just said a simple: “Thank you.” We talked for a few minutes about Easter and my daughter but I could tell from the look in her eyes that the small amount of time I gave her the day before truly touched her even if I had forgotten our talk mere minutes after leaving. I later found out she is widowed, lives alone and really has no one to talk to so her daily dose of Wa Wa is the highlight of her day.

Since having my daughter I have been a stay at home mom and left my job as a social worker. Clearly (if you follow my blog) we are planning on having more children. I am hoping by the end of this summer to definitely be pregnant. For extra money I nanny a few days a week for a five year old little girl whom both Kayci and I have fallen in love with. This week I decided to do all Easter things with the kids. We dyed eggs, made Easter baskets, looked for bunnies outside, and had an Easter egg hunt. Last weekend and the beginning of this week was rough for me. I really had to practice “act the way you want to feel” for a few days and did just that. When the little girl’s father picked her up from my home Tuesday night he gave me a compliment that meant the world to me. He said: “I can see you having like three or four more kids.” I laughed it off and then said: “Why?” He replied: “Because you have such a positive energy and are such an amazing mother and it is obvious how much you love children.” Even writing that down now makes me smile. I am sure it did not occur to him how much I needed to hear that and how much it meant to me. He probably never will but it was so powerful for me. The compliment came at the perfect time and meant more to me than anything I have heard in a long time.

We have to remember that the little things we say or do for others can have a huge impact on their lives. The world needs more kindness and less judgement. A simple smile, compliment, or hug can go such a long way. Kindness is free and it truly is the greatest gift you can give to anyone.


You Are Powerful!


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