Exercising helps Chronic Pain

“I exercise because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day.” I never exercised before being diagnosed with chronic pain and learning how to manage it naturally. Before I went to the Pain Clinic I was drinking, smoking cigarettes, eating awful, and truly thought that any form of exercise would just increase my pain. Clearly: drinking, smoking, eating poorly was hurting me a lot more than exercise ever would have but I was ignorant to that concept back then. Now, I know better. This morning when I ran my two year old I felt so peaceful. Spring air, Biggie blasting in my ears (Yes Biggie can be relaxing) and just feeling my body move to a rhythm that makes me so calm. At our last mile a past a few elderly men who were having a cigarette. I could not believe that the smell actually affected me. It was so gross and I used to be a smoker! My mom smoked my whole childhood, I smoked in my teens and twenties especially when drinking because for many they go hand in hand. It is so bizarre what can change over time! It truly is never too late to change your life.

Most people with chronic pain have a very real fear of exercising as I used to. I get it. When you awake in pain (and yes I still wake up in pain) you are deathly afraid of doing anything to intensify that pain and exercise is scary for people who do not even have chronic pain. You do not need to run four miles like I did this morning or practice kickboxing or do intense yoga. Go for a walk, do light yoga, just move your body a little. Get that blood moving. If nothing else your brain will be happy. Remember fear is: false evidence appearing real. Don’t be afraid. I had brain surgery and came close to death, I was in the ICU for a long time, I have had chronic pain since. I have had many surgeries to try and cure my chronic pain. I have self medicated, I have drank my ass off, I have come close to wanting to end my life. If I can get my body and brain going anyone can. I am here to support you. Our brains tend to lie to us a lot but our intuition is almost always right!


Exercising helps Chronic Pain


8 thoughts on “Exercising helps Chronic Pain

  1. It’s good advice to try to make sure that if you can move to try and do gentle exercise etc. Thing is though there are some that can’t or…like me…I can but it’s like a ticking time bomb either I pay later or something gets set off and I am floored literally and it’s random. When it happens though I can barely breathe let alone walk and being that vionersble on my own out in the public really scares me it really does. X

    • Oh I know and you are absolutely right! I hope this post wasn’t too much for ppl. We are allll on different journeys with life and chronic pain. Even stretching is something every person w cp in my experience shld do. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network


      • Yes it’s a fine balance in trying not to feel like ones failing even though one knows ones limitations. I read how fit you are and that you have the ability to be and your so lucky you can have that I feel trapped in this body my mind is desperate to be there! X

  2. I do taekwondo training 6 times a week, I’m a black belt and have been doing it since I was 8. It doesn’t help my pain levels but it gives me some relief in that I’m not thinking about the pain for that hour or so, it’s there but it’s not at the front of my mind. Also greatly helps with my depression and mood. So I love going to taekwondo hence why I go 6 times a week šŸ™‚

  3. Great post. I’m not a big exerciser but I do practise yoga which definitely helps me to cope more easily with my chronic pain. It’s really good to have a reminder of how good exercise can be for you, thanks! Hope you’re doing okay šŸ™‚

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