Life Can Change in a Second!

I realized today as I was looking at pictures of Kayci’s first Easter (she was 3 months) and she is now two and barely resembles the little peanut she was not even two years ago. Life goes so fast. This was my favorite Easter ever because of the joy I got out being with my little girl and seeing how happy she was. From our morning run looking for bunnies, to her eyes light up when she saw the “Easter Bunny’s” footprints around our home, to finding her baskets, to multiple Easter eggs hunts in our yard. It brought back so many memories of my childhood searching for eggs with my dad. Like everyone with children say: “The days are long but the years are short.”

In the picture on this post, Kayci is on the left at the age of two and on the right is of myself at the age of six. I did this because I think we look alike but she is clearly cuter. It hit me how life can change in a split second. I left my house on my little pink cruiser one beautiful Sunday morning just to go rent a movie and get some candy. I was only thirteen and my only worry was the movie I wanted would not be in the store. Turns on “Look Who’s Talking” was ready to be rented and I was over the moon. I never thought ten minutes into my bike ride my life would change forever. Halfway home, the bag holding my movie hit my front wheel causing me to fall into a stone wall. I thought I only had a broken collar bone but turns out my brain was bleeding and if I did not get help quickly I would have died. Hours and hours later I was rushed into emergency brain surgery and I knew there was a chance I would never wake up again. I woke up eventually but my life and worries changed forever. I would never be the carefree thirteen year old I was that day I fell. Life can change in an instant. I just read a quote that hit me hard. It said: “Why you waste your breath complaining about your life, someone is taking their last breath wishing they could live another day.”
Don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them even if you are angry. Show your love as much as you can and do your best to not take the little things for granted. Happy Easter everyone. I give much gratitude to everyone who reads my blog!


Life Can Change in a Second!


3 thoughts on “Life Can Change in a Second!

  1. Sam says:

    Happy Easter Jess. Your post was very moving and my heart really goes out to that little 13 year old riding home filled w excitement only to be thrown from her bike & into such an adult world & then life w/ chronic pain. I wish no one had to live w/ the kind of grief that pain, depression, and anxiety can cause but it’s hard to imagine what that must be like for any child to go through or how difficult it would be to see your child suffer. Thank you for turning the terrible tragedy you went through & still live with into such a positive message & support to me and others but especially all the young people that have found their way to your site. I hope you have a very happy Easter.

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