Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I preach a lot about how I have to try and stick to my chronic pain schedule, however there are times when motherhood obviously gets in the way of a strict schedule. Today (like many) was one of those days. I kept to as much of my schedule as I was able. Kayci was entertained with bubbles as I did a forty five minute workout, we had a healthy breakfast and then ended up going and going and going. It was difficult to take as many breaks as I should have but the memories made today were well worth it. Pain crossed my mind a few times but I was so easily distracted with nature and my little girl that incorporating distraction was quite easy. We went on a nature hike about thirty minutes from our home which lasted well over four hours and was a blast. This is an activity I would never have dreamed of doing before becoming a mother. One of the many perks of being a mother with chronic pain: appreciation of the little things, and seeing things through my child’s eye. Today was one of those days. Sometimes I have to get out of my comfort zone which I fear for minute but always end up enjoying.

Chronic pain and motherhood comes with decisions mothers without chronic pain never have to think about. What I learned today is that sometimes the less thinking, the better!


Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone


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