My Choice to Think About Pain

Here I am this morning finishing a four mile run with my two year old. I woke up presuming it was going to be a very “difficult day” also known as “worst pain ever!” However, if you follow my blog you know that I try not to use the word pain because the more I say it, the more I think about it. As I was gearing up around six this morning I kept feeling all the knots in my neck and upper back. They are always there but today I was much more aware of them. I ran anyways but forced myself to run at a slower pace, which infuriated my two year old who was yelling from her stroller “go Mommy go!” I just turned my ipod up! Following the run and my morning coffee I found myself feeling the knots again and so many memories flooded back to me.

During my search for a cure/relief from chronic pain I went to dozens of chiropractors, massage therapists, and spent tons of money on acupuncture. While receiving these treatments, especially massages I felt amazing for that one hour. However, I was always reminded of the pain. Each specialist would say after a session: “Wow, you really have a lot of tension and your back and neck need a lot of work.” After awhile I stopped going into the details of my bike accident, brain surgery, and broken bones. As soon as the massage or chiropractor session was over, the pain returned and sometimes even worse than before the session. Double whammy! I was reminded of my pain and was unable to stop thinking of the pain and at times the pain only increased. Oh, and massages etc. get pretty expensive after a while. Now, I do not go to anyone for pain relief. The pain is there, yes. I have to force myself to not think about it. It is now about one in the afternoon and I feel pretty great. The knots, tension, and pain are there I am just not focusing on all of it. Yes, easier said than done. But, it can be done. The mind is so much more powerful than we realize. It takes such effort to not think of pain. For the remainder of this beautiful Sunday I will not allow my thoughts to drift to pain. I make a choice every day, every hour to distract my thoughts from pain. It can be done!


My Choice to Think About Pain


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