Overdoing it and Chronic Pain

There are so many things people without chronic pain never have to think about and often times one of those things is moderation. However, whether or not one has chronic pain it is never a bad lesson to teach those to slow down. We live in a society where everything is rushed it is no wonder we wait all week for Friday and all year for vacation. I overdid it yesterday as most of us tend to do, especially those with chronic pain. The problem is when one feels great he or she feels they should get everything done while they feel okay because who knows what pain will bring the following day. This is very distorted thinking and only intensifies stress and pain.

Yesterday was a pretty great day but I totally overdid it. I awoke with my two year old and we went on our morning run. I was in such a rush to get home from our run to get our errands finished that I did not enjoy what is usually my favorite part of the day. My two year old and I had a “princess party” that was being held at eleven am and I wanted to get all our food shopping done before the party. The second we arrived home from our run I did not even stretch which is pretty awful for anyone after running four miles but especially for a woman with chronic pain. My two year old could feel my tension and stress and began acting out. Kids sense negativity energy so easily and Kayci is not used to seeing me rushing around like a maniac as I did when I practiced social work. We were able to go grocery shopping and go to our produce store however, I forgot about half of what we usually buy for the week because I was so focused on getting to the party on time. We did arrive to the party on time and had a good time but I just was not myself. Following the party, Kayci had so much energy from having gummie bears for the first time that I took her to the playground. It was while I was going down the slide with her that I realized I had forgot to shower. Once home, I was way too drained and having a difficult time to enjoy our dinner together and even once she was asleep I had a hard time relaxing with a book. What could have been a great day, I pretty much ruined by rushing, stressing, and overdoing.

I woke this morning and promised myself that I would slow the hell down today and not allow yesterday to ruin today. We went on our morning run and during the run fed the ducks. We arrived home, put on dance music and showered. I made a juice and once Kayci went down for a nap I practiced yoga nidra. It was the best meditation I have done in a long time. It is not even eleven am where I live but I plan to take the rest of the day slowly and enjoy the little things that I forgot to enjoy yesterday. I am very lucky that Kayci napped because it allowed me to practice meditation for a solid hour which my mind and body truly needed. I am a busy mother who has chronic pain so I can never cancel a day as I could have in the past but I am now able to enjoy today a lot more because I slowed down.

Whether or not one has chronic pain it is so important to remember that rushing things truly causes problems and takes us away from happiness. I will leave you with a quote that has resided in my mind since my run. “Stress makes us think everything needs to happen at this moment: nothing is that important, slow down.”


Overdoing it and Chronic Pain


4 thoughts on “Overdoing it and Chronic Pain

  1. Excellent quote to summarize your experiences and challenges in life. Sometimes slowing down things makes life a lot safer. Its like driving. The more faster you drive, the more riskier it is. Wish you all the health.

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