PAIN will NOT Destroy ME!

Whether you believe it or not say it out loud: “Pain will not destroy me!”

Chronic pain can only ruin your life if you allow it too. This illness literally stole away years of my life, time I will never get back. However, I wouldn’t change my past as much as I would like to because I really had zero clue how to accept or manage my pain. I was completely clueless about chronic pain and what was happening to me. I thought because I survived my bike accident and brain surgery my life would be more brilliant than the other’s around me. Then something worse than brain surgery came into my world: chronic pain. Yes, chronic pain is far worse than brain surgery. If you do not believe me: you have never experienced chronic pain.

Chronic pain has changed me: how could it not. However years ago I made a choice to not allow it to steal any of my hopes and dreams. I gave into chronic pain for over ten years and I never believed I was stronger than chronic pain: I am and you are too. Is my life drastically different than I thought it would be prior to chronic pain, yes but not always in a bad way. Chronic pain has helped me to slow down and enjoy the world around me instead of always rushing things and never living in the moment. My dream to be a mother came true two years ago and because of chronic pain I am that much more grateful to be a mother than had I not had chronic pain. I count my blessings and pain truly has made me a better mother than I ever thought I could be. I always new my calling was to be mother. I cannot wait to extend our family but I make sure to appreciate what I have today at this very moment. I have tweaked many of my goals and some have come to fruition and I am still working on the others. I know many of my readers have moments where they just want to give up but you don’t, do you? If you are still reading this blog, you have not even come close to giving up. Be an inspiration. Do not allow chronic pain to steal you life and joy. It may be stealing your life and time right now but that will change and you will just have to believe me on that one. I never thought in my late teens and some of my twenties that I would be where I am today but here I am writing a blog on how to accept and manage chronic pain without treatment. Take one hour at a time and just do the very best you can today. You have your whole life ahead of you and it is never too late. Don’t allow pain to take away your dreams. One day you may see that chronic pain makes your dreams shine that much brighter.


PAIN will NOT Destroy ME!


3 thoughts on “PAIN will NOT Destroy ME!

  1. Sam says:

    What a beautiful & eloquent post this was & the points you made really hit home and are inspiring & give me more hope & strength. I especially like the way the last line read, “One day you may see that chronic pain makes your dreams shine that much brighter”, loved this & whole heatedly agree that chronic pain can help you focus on the smaller pleasures in life, be more grateful for the things we have & do, and make our victories and accomplishments that much sweeter. Very well said.

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